Happy International Women's Day!Charly as a role model

Have you spotted it already? Equals is putting 150 women at the forefront of their Role Models Campaign in celebration of International Women's Day. In Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, and Almere, you'll find posters of female role models scattered throughout the city, including our very own Charly!

About the campaign

Equals, focused on promoting equality and increased diversity in the workplace, introduces their annual role models campaign for 2024 with the slogan "It Takes One to Become One."

With more role models than ever before, this offline and online campaign aims to highlight the potential of every woman to be a role model, regardless of age, cultural background, sexuality, or (invisible) limitations. The importance of representation is emphasized to inspire future and current generations. By showcasing different women who have carved their own paths to success, the campaign seeks to empower women to pursue their ambitions and celebrate their unique stories.

The campaign includes over a hundred participants and representing organizations, expanding from an Amsterdam-based initiative to a national one, with posters displayed on columns and bus stations in Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, and Almere. The support from government organizations has significantly increased, indicating a willingness to take powerful steps to improve gender balance in the workplace.

Founder Charly, a true role model

As an entrepreneur and mother of almost 2 daughters (baby’s almost here👼🏻), Charly is a genuine role model. What would Charly want to say to her younger self?

"Get to know yourself. Trust yourself and your inner gut, but always keep the door open for new experiences, advice from others, and different perspectives. Discover what is important in life. What really matters to you? You'll find that when you pay attention to this, everything becomes much easier or guides you to the right place."

Charly also sees our Angels as role models.

Charly: "Our Babysitter Angels are role models for their babysitting children in many different ways. A role model that provides a sense of security, creates an environment for development, or inspires you to try new things."

Curious about the stories?

Interested in Charly's story, as well as those of other female role models? Get inspired by taking a look at the Equals website.

And don't forget to celebrate the women in your life today (or on all other days, of course). Women, you rock!