Update: the chat!

Good news for all users: we did a major update to our chat! We regularly received feedback from our users that the chat was not working optimally. It was a complex task for our developers.... But it is an absolute must that you as parents and Angels can maintain good contact with each other. Fortunately, the time has come: the big chat update is live!

What's new?

  • General functionality

    The entire chat operates much smoother, is more organized, and user-friendly.

  • Checkmarks

    You can see when your message has been delivered and read by the other person.

  • Speed

    You can chat live in the app, so you immediately see a new message coming in.

  • Push notification

    We send you a push notification that already indicates the content of the message.

  • Look & feel

    We also gave the chat a new look, making it much more user-friendly right away. You can also use emoji's now!

  • Automatic message with an invitation

    When you send or receive an invitation, a chat conversation starts automatically. This way, you immediately get in touch with each other and can coordinate the initial details.

Try it out!

We hope that as an app user, you will greatly enjoy this update in the chat. Easily stay in touch with your Angels or families. Happy chatting!