How to go about finding a new babysitter!

Essential for every family: a reliable babysitter you can count on. But sometimes, finding a good babysitter can be a challenge. Charly Cares to the rescue! We're happy to provide you with a few practical tips:

#1 Think about your wishes and preferences

Write down what you value in a babysitter. Would you like for the babysitter to have many years of experience, or is someone with only a few years of experience enough? And what qualities should the babysitter possess? Of course, the babysitter should be reliable and take good care for the children. But maybe you would also like a very active babysitter who can play with the kids outside? Or a creative one who can create all sorts of beautiful artworks with the children? Write down your wish list, so that you can make your search for a babysitter more targeted.

#2 The search for a babysitter

The search often starts with neighbours and acquaintances. If you manage to find a babysitter that way, reliability is often quite high. However, you may not always be able to find a babysitter through people you already know. Luckily, it's becoming increasingly normal to book a babysitter via an app. With the Charly Cares app, you'll first indicate your wishes and preferences, after which you'll see all the babysitters who fit those. All of the babysitters have been personally checked, so no need to worry about reliability.

#3 How much do you pay the babysitter?

Let’s talk money. Before you ask the babysitter to babysit, it may be a good idea to consider what you would like to pay them. Discuss the rate with the babysitter too before the booking, so that you aren't both in for an unpleasant surprise. How much you end up paying the babysitter depends on age and experience, and varies between €8 and €15 per hour.

#4 Getting to know each other

Before the babysitter babysits for the first time, it may be a good idea to plan a short meeting. Good for you, the children, and the babysitter. It does not have to take too long, half an hour is often plenty for a solid first impression. Do the kids have a good connection with the babysitter? Then you'll know for sure you'll be able to leave without having to worry. Did you book a babysitter via Charly Cares? Via the unique matching system, you can be sure that the babysitter fits your family.

#5 The first babysitting service

Is the new babysitter coming for the first time? Agree to meet half an hour earlier to show them around. That will also give the children a chance to get used to the new babysitter before you leave. Make clear agreements regarding when you'll be back, so that the babysitter knows what to expect. And, don't worry: you may be a bit nervous, but the children are sure to have a great day with their new babysitter!

A babysitter via Charly Cares

With Charly Cares, you are ensured a reliable babysitter for any time. The babysitter only gains access to the platform after a careful screening. Each parent also leaves the babysitter an obligatory rating and review after each babysitting service, which are always visible to other parents. If you sign up now, you'll receive the first 14 days of your membership for free.

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