What could a fixed babysitter mean for your family?4x fixed babysitter benefits

The New Year has arrived! You might have already made some new year’s resolutions for 2018, or you may have already started working again, with the kids and the household. A fixed babysitter could help you start your new year in a relaxed way. But what exactly is a fixed babysitter? What are the benefits and what could a fixed babysitter do for your family? Find out here!

Fixed Babysitting Angel

A fixed Babysitting Angel is a babysitter who regularly watches the same kids at set times every week. Charly Cares allows parents to book a babysitter for 12 consecutive weeks at a time. Why 12 weeks? Most Babysitting Angels are students and have changing schedules, meaning it is often not possible for them to commit to babysitting at set times for a longer period. To avoid this, the period of 12 weeks has been chosen.

4x fixed babysitter benefits

1. Structure for the whole family

Having the same babysitter every weeks ensures regularity and structure for the family. No stress from having to find a babysitter, because you know who will come every week. A fixed babysitter not only saves the parents a lot of trouble, for the children as well a regular babysitter can be comforting. Frommeeting the babysitter you will know whether or not there is a connection between your kids and the babysitter, meaning you can be sure the babysitter fits your family. Furthermore, this means parents no longer have to explain house rules and the children’s habits last minute. This is how, through the security of having found a lovely babysitter, a family can find some peace and quiet. For the Babysitting Angel as well a fixed family is nice to have. The fixed babysitter knows what to expect, knows the family, knows the rules, and has a chance to get familiar with the house. This means the babysitter will be less nervous when he or she arrives.

“Maeve is our fixed babysitter for Tuesday afternoon for our 8-year old daughter and our 5-year old son. She is sweet with the kids and takes them to do all kinds of things. Furthermore, she can be strict with them when she has to and they accept her without protest. I would absolutely recommend her!”

Mother Marleen from Haarlem

2. A helping hand

A fixed babysitter can familiarize him- or herself with the family and the house and can further offer an extra helping hand in the household and its daily running. Are the kids still young and do they need to take a nap in the afternoon? While the kids are asleep, the babysitter could help with loading the dishwasher or tidying up. Most of Charly Cares’ Babysitting Angels are students and therefore quite independent, meaning they can take the lead in cooking for the family. Coming home at 6? You can immediately join your family at the dinner table to enjoy a nice family meal with your kids after a busy day!

“Merel is great! Unexpectedly our 8 month-old baby had to stay home as well, meaning she had to watch three kids from 3pm onwards! It went very well, and she even took care of dinner :-). Amazing!”

Mother Eefje from Amsterdam

3. An all-rounder

Most parents book a fixed babysitter for after-school care, so they themselves can work a full day. An after-school babysitter has lots of advantages: the babysitter can pick up the kids from school and would be happy to take them to their dance class, sports class or club. But it doesn’t stop there: a babysitter can even tutor your son or daughter! Every kid would of course be dying to tell their parents about the new things they learned and the new sums they can do.

“Great! Kids loved it! Bringing and picking them up from school, taking them to their music class, everything was possible! Sweet and clear to the kids.”

Father Jeroen from Amsterdam

4. A new friend

A fixed babysitter every week is a joy for the kids! It might be difficult sometimes for children to not see their mom or dad after a long day at school. A fixed babysitter could offer a solution: when the kids and the babysitter have a connection, a beautiful bond can blossom. Playing games together, reading books, arts and crafts and playing outdoors: everything is possible. By partaking in such activities with a babysitter, the kids will want to keep doing fun activities and come to view their babysitter as their friend. They might not even want you to come home in the evening because they don’t want the babysitter to go home ;)

“The kids were happy to hear that Roos was coming. Gijs had already prepared his two favorite books. Eva didn’t like it when we left, but Roos took over very well. It was delightfully quiet in the house when we got home. All four were fast asleep!”

Mother Josine from Rotterdam

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