Quicker payout after your babysitting job?Via iDeal, Tikkie of cash

We've heard your feedback: many of you appreciate getting paid promptly after completing a babysitting service. We completely understand that! That's why we've added new payment methods for our families in the app. They can now also pay you through iDeal, cash, or Tikkie, allowing you to receive your money right away.

Founder Charly on the new ways of payout:

"I regularly speak with Angels, and during those conversations it comes up more and more that you want to be paid as quick as possible. I understand that very well; when I was a babysitter myself, I also wanted to receive the money quickly, so I could go out and do something fun the same evening or the day after. So I am very happy and proud that we have made this possible. I'm very curious to know what you guys think about this!"

How does it work, the quick payout?

Do you have a preference for payment method? Let the parent know in advance via chat and discuss what works best for both of you. After your babysitting service, the parent stops the timer in the app. The parent checks the times and then chooses the payment method.

  • If the parent chooses iDeal, it goes through the banking app and you get the money in your account the next working day.
  • If the parent chooses a Tikkie or cash, you have to arrange this between you and Charly Cares can no longer check. Therefore, coordinate the payment method well in advance!
  • The parent can still choose automatic payment within 4 working days. In that case nothing changes for you and you get paid automatically via Charly Cares.

Make sure your bookings go through the app

Even if you opt for payment through Tikkie or cash, make sure your bookings always go through the app. This way, you're always insured during your babysitting service, have a clear overview of your bookings, and we're here for you with Customer Care if you need assistance.

Frequently asked questions about quick payment

How will I get paid for a booking?

A timer will start automatically when the booking begins. Families will stop the timer when they return home. At that point, the parent selects an option for your payment. The timing of when you receive your payment depends on the method chosen by the family. Therefore, coordinate this with the family before the booking. Here are the different options:

  1. iDeal: You will receive your money within a day in your account.
  2. Cash or via Tikkie: You arrange the payment directly with the parent.
  3. Direct debit: The payment is automatic through the app, and you will receive your earned money after 4 working days in your account. Note: weekends or holidays do not count, so it may take longer than 4 days.

Note! For a Pet Care and Senior Care booking, the timer will automatically stop. The family doesn't need to do anything. For a Pet Care booking, your usual hourly rate does not apply; instead, a fixed rate will be displayed in the booking. For a Senior Care booking, you will be paid per minute, and the payment is always through direct debit.

How exactly does Jobboard work?

  • In Jobboard, you will be able to see requests from parents near you (max. 20 km distance).
  • Add yourself to a booking and include a fun description.
  • Wait for the parent to respond. If your offer is accepted, you're all set to babysit.

How much will I earn as a Babysitting Angel?

As a Babysitting Angel, you can choose your own hourly rate. The app shows what other people of your age in your area have chosen. You can set two hourly rates: for day and evening services. You can always have a look at your hourly rate in the app under ‘Profile’ and change it whenever you want to.