The Angel Story of… Adina

In this Angel Story, babysitter Adina tells you everything about her babysitting experiences. She has worked as an au pair for no less than 9.5 (!) years and then started working at Charly Cares. Adina also shares some great tips for all Angels who may not have as much babysitting experience as she does. Curious about Adina's story? Then read on now!

First things first; who is Adina?

“Hi everyone, let me introduce myself briefly: my name is Adina and I am 40 years old. I am originally from Romania, but I ended up in the Netherlands because I worked as an au pair for 9.5 years. I had such a good time that I decided to get a degree here. As a dental assistant, to be precise, which I successfully completed last year.

During my studies, I was looking for a part-time job where I could work with children. Via an acquaintance, I ended up at Charly Cares. With my 9.5 years of babysitting experience working as an au pair, I was able to start right away. I have been babysitting via Charly Cares for over 3 years now and I am still really enjoying it. So much, in fact, that even now, as a full-time dental assistance, I still fill my weekends with fun babysitting jobs.”

How do you like babysitting in corona times?

“I used to mainly babysit at night. When parents went out for a night, I took care of the bed & bath ritual and waited for them to come home. Now that I work full-time myself, I only take on babysitting jobs on weekends. With the curfew, I only babysit during the day, just like all other Angels. Evening babysitting services are unfortunately on the back burner for the time being.

I think it will take some getting used to for many children once ‘normal life’ starts up again. Now that the children are so used to their parents being home all day, it will definitely be a bit strange for them once I am tucking them into bed on the weekends again. Anyway, they will surely get used to it quickly, just like all other corona rules that we now view as ‘normal’.”

“Washing my hands when I went to a family was already part of my regular routine. Many parents noticed, which immediately makes a good first impression, especially now during corona.”

“I try to keep 1.5 meter distance from parents, almost automatically by now. I babysit a lot during the weekend and parents are also often home even then. I can imagine that it takes some getting used to for many Angels when parents are also at home during a babysitting service. I've lived with a family for 9.5 years, so I'm used to having the parents around while I'm babysitting.

My tip for Angels who are nervous about babysitting while the parents are also at home: parents don't book you for nothing. They want someone who is there for the kids. So, don't worry; even though the parents are home, you are there for the children. And, if things get a bit difficult, it's best to make arrangements in advance. Ask carefully what parents expect from you as a babysitter. Everything should be all right - promise.”

“I really like the variation between babysitting for my fixed families and flexible babysitting for new families”

“I mostly babysit for the same families, but I do have to say that I often get requests from new families as well. Due to corona, that happens quite a bit less often, but given the situation that is fine, since I want to keep my social circle as small as possible.

I do have to say that I normally really enjoy the variation between fixed families and flexible babysitting. I have been babysitting for my fixed families for a long time, so you really experience the development of the children. But, I also really enjoy getting to know new people. It is always exciting to meet a new family, but everything usually turns up great. And that really gives me a sense of satisfaction.”

Do you ever get any last minute requests?

“Currently, during corona times, the number of last minute requests has decreased quite a bit. Probably because many parents are also free and, unlike a year ago, don't want to go for a spontaneous night out with just the two of them. But, coincidentally, I got a request 2 hours in advance just last weekend. Their own babysitter had cancelled due to corona symptoms. I didn't have anything planned at the time, so I immediately went on my way. I love it when I can help out parents at the last minute!”

How do you ensure that parents can leave their children without having to worry?

“I don't have an exact plan in mind, but when I come in I always introduce myself properly. I am quite a cheerful person and children seem to sense that. They will soon come to me on their own and I always ask them for a short tour. By doing so, I want to put the kids at ease in front of their parents and show the parents that they can leave the house without any worries.

When I babysit for the same family for a longer period of time, I really enjoy watching the children grow and develop. I have a family with twins that I have been babysitting since they were 3 months olds. They are now 2 years and 3 months old. It is so special to see how they now walk and even run. When those two see me at the door, they'll shout ‘Adina Adina.. Adina is here!’ in unison. That is such a great feeling.”

Do you have any tips for new Angels?

“I don't have one clear tip, but I did discover that children can really sense emotions. So, the more relaxed you are, the more relaxed they are. If you are nice and relaxed and give your full attention to the children, everything should be fine. Keep believing in yourself, even when something goes wrong. You can do it!”

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