I want to babysit, how should I go about creating my babysitting profile?

Want to start babysitting as soon as possible? Or do you already have a Charly Cares profile, but have you not received any requests yet? No worries: Charly Cares to the rescue! In this blog, we'll talk you through 4 valuable steps that increase the chance that you'll be found (and booked) by our babysitting families. Keep reading and improve your profile!

Step 1: A personal description

First impressions matter. The first thing parents see, is your picture and description. Make sure to show a bit of who you are through the description. For example, start with: “Hi parents, great that you are looking at my profile. I'll introduce myself shortly...” You can address the parent on a personal level and thereby increase chances of parents wanting to get to know you better. Make sure that your description is inviting and evokes a sense of trust.

Tip: Did you indicate that you speak multiple languages? Write your personal description in all those languages. That way, you'll make your profile more accessible to all parents.

Step 2: Film and upload a fun video

A great video says so much more than written words. Use the video to introduce yourself shortly and describe your babysitting qualities. Parents can watch the video to get a good idea of you as a person and as a babysitter. And did you know that Angels who have a video in their profile are invited to babysit more often? So... what are you waiting for?

Step 3: Correctly set your babysitting preferences

We are already halfway to an awesome Angel profile. This step is an absolute must: setting your babysitting preferences correctly. Do you have some spare time and are you therefore available quite often? Make sure that your preferences are set accordingly. Set your babysitting preferences as broadly as possible to increase the chances of parents inviting you.

Step 4: Keep your Angel calendar up to date

It' very important for you to always keep your calendar up to date. Do you have an important day at school or work that you simply cannot miss? Make sure to indicate so in your Angel calendar. That way, when you receive a request, you can be certain that you are actually available to babysit.

Did you know that you can actively search for new babysitting families as well?

In the app, you'll find the Jobboard feature. You'll find requests from parents there. This feature will show all pending babysitting services near you. Note: Jobboard only takes your hourly rate and the distance to the family into account, not the availability in your own calendar.

Tip: have a look at your calendar and the family's profile before making an offer to babysit.

Don't have a Charly Cares babysitting profile yet?

Want to start babysitting as soon as possible but don't have a Charly Cares profile yet? Download our app now and create your profile. You'll find new babysitting families in no time at all. Before you can start babysitting, we would love to meet you for a short interview. See you soon!

Create babysitting profile

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