Babysitting with household chores?This is how you do it!

If you are going to babysit for a family on a fixed basis (a fixed day every week for a longer period of time), you will always first of all be the babysitter for the children. In addition, the family may expect you to help out with some light household chores. After all, how great would it be for the parents to come home to a neat and organised house?!

We are therefore glad to give you some tips to make sure that your fixed babysitting service runs smoothly. Babysitting Angels who are already fixed babysitters will also be interviewed, so read on quickly...

#1 Ask the parent what is expected of you

In the booking request, parents can already indicate what they expect from you. Consider, for example, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, or helping with homework. Can't find it in the booking request? Ask the parent if they expect you to take on extra tasks in addition to babysitting, so that you won't be faced with unexpected surprises during the first babysitting service.

#2 Discuss your own expectations

Prior to the babysitting services, it is also important to express your own expectations. Do you enjoy cooking with the children, but find it difficult to think of what to make? Or would you prefer not to do certain tasks? Make agreements with the parents about such things in advance, so that the babysitting service can run smoothly for you.

#3 The children are always priority number 1

As a Babysitting Angel, the most important thing is of course that you take good care of the kids. So, didn't get around to cleaning up or cooking because the kids needed your attention? Let the parents know when they return. You can agree for next time to take on fewer tasks so that you can focus on the kids.

Angel Kimberley (18) lives in Amsterdam and babysits weekly for the same family:

"I really love babysitting on a fixed basis for a family. You see the same kids every week, and it's great for the kids too to see the same face every week. While babysitting, I am usually very busy entertaining the children, but I also give the parents a hand where I can. For example, I'll tidy up the house or make sure dinner is cooked."

Angel Sabine (20) often cooks for the whole family:

"I cook quite often while babysitting. I really enjoy making a recipe together with the kids, and the kids really like helping out and cooking with me, thankfully! So when we cook together, we are also simply doing something fun together."

Want to be a fixed babysitter too?

Yes, great! That means babysitting on fixed days for the same family, so that you are ensured babysitting services and fixed earnings. Go to 'Profile' > 'Babysitting preferences' and, under 'Fixed babysitting', indicate if and for when you would like to receive fixed requests. Happy babysitting!

Fixed babysitting