The best kid-friendly activitiesBoth indoor & outdoor

Want to take the kids outside during your babysitting service? Only no clue what you actually want to do when there? In this blog, we'll give you some of the best suggestions for both indoor and outdoor activities, so that you can keep both yourself and the kids busy for an afternoon. And believe us: success guaranteed!

When the weather is this nice, going outside with the kids will be extra fun.

#1 Play a game of football or hockey

You don't even have to be good at is, playing with the children is already fun enough! Find a nice field nearby and use bottles to create the goals. If it gets really hot this summer, we highly recommend 'flessenvoetbal' or 'flessen-hockey'!

#2 Go to a park

There are so many fun things you can do in a park, such as creating a mini scavenger hunt or playing tag. Want to be more creative? Create the most beautiful artwork on the sidewalk with the children using chalk. The park has so much to offer, just ask the kids what they feel like doing!

The weather in the Netherlands isn't always nice enough to play outside; luckily, there are plenty of fun indoor activities!

#1 Bake cookies

Did you know that baking cookies is good for the children's development? For example, they'll learn to count in a fun way by weighing the ingredients. Can't wait to start baking? Don't forget to check with the parents in advance what they already have and whether you need to buy anything.

#2 Create a home cinema

Kids love watching a movie together. Make it even better by building a fort on the couch together from pillows and blankets. Microwave some popcorn and turn watching a movie at home into a real experience.

#3 Create beautiful art together

Watercolours, clay, drawing, or just cutting and pasting: crafting together is so much fun! Tip: bring your own art supplies to make it extra fun. Isn't tinkering with things that you do not (yet) own always more fun?

Do you have any fun babysitting tips?

Do you, or the kids, have a favourite activity for during a babysitting service? Let us know! We'll share it with other Babysitting Angels, so that even more kids can be happy doing your favourite activity.

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