7x tips for your babysitting service

The babysitter with the child on the lap, 7 tips for babysitting via Charly Cares

Yes, you have been booked by a family to babysit! What are the things you really shouldn't forget about? In this blog, you can read all the tips and tricks for a successful babysitting service, so that you can go to the family well-prepared!

During COVID it is extra important to wash your hands properly

#1 Safety is paramount

Both before and during a babysitting service, safety is paramount. Given the current situation regarding the coronavirus, health is particularly important. Therefore, make sure to follow our careful policy with appropriate measures. An example: keep your social circle small, and babysit for the same family as much as possible. Click here for the full policy.

The Charly Cares babysitter supports with homeschooling

#2 Be on time

A good first impression is half the battle, so make sure you arrive on time. The easiest is to quickly look up where you need to be beforehand, so that you are less likely to get lost (and be late) along the way. Make sure to always check the travel time in advance.

The babysitter reads a story

#3 Every family is different

There can be big differences between different families and children. Therefore, don't be afraid to ask questions when it's the first time you babysit for a certain family. If you have a lot of questions, be sure to arrive at the babysitting address a little earlier. For example:

  • Do the kids still take afternoon naps? If yes, for how long/until what time?
  • What time do the kids go to bed in the evening? Do they read a bit before going to sleep? Where are the pyjamas? Should the kids take a bath?
  • Where are the diapers?
  • At what times do they usually eat? What do they eat?
  • Can they watch tv/use the iPad? Are there time limits?
The Babysitting Angel bakes cookies together with her babysitting child

#4 Plan the day

Think ahead about possible daytime activities for the children, such as baking cookies, arts and crafts, or a trip to the petting zoo. Take the initiative by bringing your own supplies, such as coloured paper, markers, or games. The more experience you have gained, the easier babysitting will be, and the more confident you will become.

Charly Cares' babysitter takes the kids to the playground

#5 Clarity ensures pleasant communication

Be clear to the children and make arrangements with them. You are the babysitter, which means that, ultimately, you are in charge, but be consistent. If the children know what to expect, they are more likely to listen. Talk to each other at eye level, so squat or sit down to make sure they are really listening.

The Babysitting Angel is doing homework now that the kids are in bed

#6 Bring something to do for the evening

When the kids are in bed, there won't be that much for you to do. If you are busy with your studies, you can make efficient use of the time by bringing, for example, a laptop and watching a lecture. Parents often appreciate getting an update, so feel free to send them a message through the Babysitting App once the kids are in bed.

The Babysitting Angels of Charly Cares take care of the children and read a story

#7 Stop the timer

Before you leave, don't forget to remind the parents to manually stop the timer. This will also ensure that you get your babysitting earnings deposited into your account faster, and that the booking does not continue on for a needlessly long time.