Celebrate Easter with our tips!

Easter this year is quite a bit different from what anyone might have imagined. No extensive family brunch or visiting an Easter market this year. But... Easter should still be celebrated! Here, we'll give you some great tips.

Invite the whole family online

Skipping the traditional family brunch? Hell no! Invite everyone through a program such as Skype, Google Hangouts, or Facetime, and have brunch together. Normally, everyone would bring something along, but this time you'll be in charge of making your own brunch. That way, you might not be physically together, but you can still enjoy a great brunch together.

Do arts and crafts with the kids

In this blog, read all about the best arts and crafts for Easter! Will you go for the cute little chick made from wool or a rabbit? Like playing games together? Create a memory game from cards with carrots on them.

Baking is for everyone

Baking together is the most fun thing there is! Break some eggs with the kids to make a delicious apple pie. Or go for home-made bread; perfect for that online Easter brunch. Whatever you choose, baking together is fun for everyone!

The big spring cleaning

The whole house clean and organised, doesn't that sound great? With Easter, you'll have an extra day to make it happen. And the kids? They can help too! Let them take on simple tasks, such as folding towels, and make it fun. Blast some music and get to work together!

Make it cozy outside

The last couple of days, we've enjoyed some great weather, so make sure the garden or the balcony is ready for spring. Have the kids help by weeding the garden, hang some lanterns, and make the outside into your second living room.

#6 Eggs belong to Easter

Do you say Eater, you automatically say eggs. And who says that searching for chocolate eggs is only for the little ones?! Hide de Easter eggs in and around your house and play the game: who will find the most?