5x the most fun Easter tips of 2018……to do together with the kids you babysit!

Are you babysitting this Easter Holliday? We give you 5 of the best Easter tips to do together when babysitting. From rabbit craft to visiting real bunnies at the petting zoo: with these tips, this will be an unforgettable Easter for the kids!

5 most fun activities

Bron: iheartcraftythings.com
Bron: iheartcraftythings.com

1. Rabbit craft

Did you also love making hats out of paper when you were younger? This craftwork is almost the same! With this arts and crafts tip, you just need to add two cute bunny ears. Perfect to wear during the Easter egg hunt. Get your paint, pencils, markers, carton and crayons ready: kids will love it!

TRICKS: use a large piece of paper to measure the circumference of the child’s head. Cut a strip to fit their head and attach the ends to each other with a staple.

Cut two bunny ears that the kids can decorate. Decorated? Then you can staple to ears to the hat. Voilà bunny!

2. Jump into spring!

Is the sun shining and is there no hint of rain? Go outside and bring a case of chalk! Go to a large square and use the chalk to draw some Easter eggs and bunnies in all kinds of colours. Write down on some pieces of paper all the different Easter shapes that you have drawn on the ground. For example: green bunny, green egg, yellow bunny, yellow egg etc.


Collect all the pieces of paper in a bucket and draw a piece each turn. These are the instructions for the kids to jump to a green egg or yellow bunny. Tip: invite other neighbourhood kids to play along!

Bron: womansday.com
Bron: womansday.com

3. Carrot memory game

Stimulate the kids’ brains in the most creative way: with a memory game. Of course, we need to sprinkle it with a bit of Easter magic. How? Cut 16 identical squares from a piece of paper. Think of 8 different types of carrots to draw on the pieces of paper. Think, for example, of round, short, long, square, egg-shaped and the colours orange, yellow and red.

4. Follow the bunny, he has the chocolate

The start of spring is also the perfect opportunity to visit all kinds of animals. Is there, by any chance, a petting zoo in your neighbourhood? Put on your shoes and take the kids you babysit with you! Endlessly petting bunnies, chasing baby goats and feeding the chickens. You will be busy all day! Who knows, there might even be an Easter egg hunt at the petting zoo!

Bron: practicallyfunctional.com
Bron: practicallyfunctional.com

5. Wool chicks

Super fluffy, super easy and super fun to make: wool chicks! We have probably all made these in primary school, but it’s still a classic. #oldbutgold


Cut two identical rings from a pierce of cardboard. Stack the two rings and get the wool ready. Take a long yarn and wrap it around the cardboards. Keep going until the whole is almost closed and then cut the wool between the cardboard rings. Grab another piece of yarn and wrap this between the cardboards rings around the wool. Draw them firmly, tie them together & voilà!

You can also make two balls of wool, and then stick them together to form a chick. Add some googly eyes and a beak to really bring the wool to live!