Are you a saving Angel?!

Do you have a gapyear, are you just graduated or do you have a lot of time beside your study to earn some extra money? Then you are a saving Angel who can help parents in their search for afterschool care. Let us know & then we are able to make a match with our fun families!

Pssst... Ben jij nog geen Oppas Angel? Let's meet & join the Angel Club! Word nu Oppas Angel & kom snel langs voor een kennismaking. Zo pas jij binnenkort al op bij de leukste kindjes bij jou in de buurt!

Word Oppas Angel

What to do?

Fill in your calendar so you can be booked on the days that you are available. Good to know: when you keep your calendar up to date, You'll appear higher in the search results. This way there is a big chance you’ll get booked faster and be assured of babysitting the cutest kids!


Make them happy!

You’ll pick up the kids from school, play with them & cook a nice meal. So, you’ll make this family super happy!

As a fixed babysitter you are going to babysit 1 to 3 times a week & you can be booked for 8 weeks in a row. Perfect if you would like to be flexible, but want to work regularly.Make some moneys & still have enough time to do fun things!


Charly Cares is giving away 5x a year membership for LINDA.MEIDEN! Perfect for some me-time after all the hard work. What to do to make a chance? Update your calendar and set your preferences to available for fixed bookings. Make sure this is done before the 26th of August & win!


Babysitting Angel Emma ☆ talks about babysitting while writing her thesis:

“While writing my thesis, it is very usefull to have fixed babysitting moments every week. This way I know exactly when I am going to babysit and when I can work on my thesis. On Wednesday and Friday I pick up the kids from school, we are going to the park or play games at home. The eldest I help with homework and on Wednesday I cook for the family as well!”

*Every Angel that has updated her/his calender in the Charly Cares App before Sunday 26th of August, will have a chance to win a LINDA.MEIDEN annual subscription. Carly Cares will announce the 5 winners on Monday 27th of August on Instagram. Besides this the winners will receive a personal e-mail. Charly Cares is entitled to replace the price with an alternative due to unforeseen circumstances and is in no way responsible.