5x why you have to ❤ autumn!

Autumn is finally here. Days are getting shorter, leaves fall down from the trees and the cold comes out to greet us. But, we do love autumn! Because of that: 5x Autumn Favourites for your perfect autumn.

#1 Week off!

After a long summer, autumn break is up first! Which is why this is thé moment to plan a citytrip to Barcelona or Berlin. Vacation booked? Have fun & don’t forget to block your calendar ;-) Not planned a vacation? Then you would probably like to earn something extra! Update your calendar & you're ready to earn some extra money!

Update Calender

#2 Sweater Weather

With your well-earned babysitting money, you have the best excuse to buy that one lovely sweater. Warmly dressed, you can go out in this autumn weather! Go on a lovely walk through the park or the forest. The kids you babysit will love it! Collect the prettiest leaves and chestnuts to make some awesome autumn decorations.


You’ve probably already noticed, but pepernoten and gingerbread are in stores again. Yum! However, it can be even more fun to bake them yourself. Go for it, because the internet is full of the most delicious recipes. Pssst... Are you going to babysit? The kids will probably love baking cookies together!

#4 Happy Halloween

Halloween has become so much more than just carving and decorating pumpkins. More and more fun parties and festivals are being organised each year! Score a Halloween outfit and see what fun things there are to do in your neighbourhood. For example, the Halloween Fright Nights in Walibi or the Monster Ball in Amsterdam. More in de festival mood? Get ready for Halloween Festival in Utrecht or the Crazy Sexy Cool Halloween Festival in Rotterdam!

#5 Cozy Up

Summer was great, but during autumn, it is okay to stay in some days. The perfect moment to huddle up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream. Not a favourite serie yet? According to Charly Cares, the must-sees of the moments are definitely ‘La Casa De Papel’ and ‘Peaky Blinders. So, log in to Netflix & enjoy your me-time!