These 10 tips make for thé perfect Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Whether you want to surprise your own supermom or if you want to treat yourself. Every mother deserves to be pampered this Sunday. Not yet prepared? Don't stress! With these 10 tips, you can make Mother’s Day perfect in no-time!

#1.Start the day with a smile

Maybe not the most original tip, but definitely the most fun way to start the day off. Craving some blueberry pancakes for breakfast? Or some crunchy croissants? Mom will love it! Don't want to have to roll out of bed bright and early to squeeze some oranges? We got you. Have some delicious breakfast delivered for a great wake-up call!

#2.Pink is not just a colour

During Mother’s Day, all moms deserve some extra attention, but that doesn’t mean dads aren't also allowed to enjoy this fine Sunday. Let’s bring some colour into their lives! Also, what mom doesn’t like pink? Get a table for two at Mama Kelly’s in Amsterdam, or at pink paradise Thomas in Eindhoven. Dads, can you handle it?

#3. Save some cash

Luckily, for this tip you need exactly 0 money! Dust off your garden chairs and go lounge in the sun. Not blessed with your own little jungle? No worries! You probably have some great parks in your neighbourhood. Bring your picnic blanket & the latest &C. Whether you are flying solo or taking your daughter or mother. Maximum chill accomplished!


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#5.Let's get sporty

Me-time is not just endlessly relaxing or lounging around. A fun yoga class or an intensive squash session with your favourite mom can also be a great way to clear your head. Psssst, don’t forget to bring your favourite drink to quench your post-exercise thirst. The slowjuices from Frecious are essential! Oh, and this is one drink you can share with your little ones, a great way to make sure they get their vitamins.

#6.I got it from my mommy

Of course, you’ve got your awesomeness directly from your supermom! All those musthaves, to do’s…. they might make it the perfect Mother’s Day, but some heart-felt compliments are often already enough to make every mom shine. They love your compliments! Also, now you don’t need to prepare anything, which is great. Moms are easily pleased ;)

#7.The serial chiller

Even though we’ve already had some serious summer weather, you never know what tomorrow’s going to bring in our cold and wet little country. Better to err on the side of caution and make it extra comfy at home. The new white coconut-pineapple chocolate bar from Tony Chocolonely is a miracle-worker. Start off your binge-watch night with your favourite Netflix Original. Better save some of that chocolate bar! ;)

#8.Give (yourself) some me-time

With a busy family life, me-time is often forgotten by moms. Does your friend, your supermom, or just plain old you deserve a me-time moment? Then the Milu masks are a must! Does your skin need some detoxing or maybe an anti age treatment? The Bubble Foam Sheet Mask & the Mud Sheet Mask make every skin glow. Rise & shine!

#9.Let's get creative, girl

DIY is everywhere leading up to holidays such as Mother’s Day, to the point where you can’t see the forest for the trees. But what if we said it was mostly the gesture that it’s really all about? Of course! A simple card can make every mom shine. If you just can’t keep yourself from buying something, scented candles are an absolute must. Choose one that’s anti-mosquito, especially with those long summer nights coming up, and hit two birds - or rather mosquitos - with one stone!

#10.Let's get your musthave

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