Pet Care sitting day: a day with NobuAdventures with a Labradoodle

Hello, I'm Sanne, 21 years old and I'm a Psychology student in Amsterdam. For four years now I have been babysitting regularly through Charly Cares. I have always had many regular bookings and occasionally babysat in the evenings. Recently I had my first Pet Care booking through Charly Cares: I got to sit Nobu, an adorable 2-year-old Labradoodle, all day long. I'm taking you along in this Pet Care day with my new four-legged friend!

The day started early: my booking started early at 8:00 😴 Once I arrived, I was immediately warmly welcomed by Nobu, who has a lot of energy. His enthusiasm was so contagious, I immediately didn't mind getting out of bed early anymore.

We first took a morning walk during which I listened to my favorite podcast .... After an hour's walk, we returned home and played with Nobu's favorite stuffed toy for a while. It was so cute to see how happy Nobu was, the joy in his little eyes is too cute!

Then it was time to sleep for a while. For Nobu then, not for me, haha. I studied for a few hours! After lunch we went to the dog field. Super fun to watch Nobu play and let him run loose for a while. It was quite a challenge though, he got so energetic because of the other dogs, so I had to run after him quite a bit. Fortunately, he listened to me very well!

What I really enjoy about walking on the street with a dog is that you are often addressed by other dog owners, so you're all of a sudden in all kinds of conversations and everyone likes to see each others dogs.

Once we got home, Nobu was of course completely exhausted; he laid down in his basket and took a nap. I took advantage of the rest and watched a lecture for my exam next week.

At 18:00, Nobu's owners came home again. I told them about my day with Nobu, which they loved to hear. Next time they want to ask me to babysit Nobu again, I am already looking forward to that!

I think it is great that Charly Cares offers this service. Next time I will definitely respond to a Pet Care booking through Jobboard again!