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Do you always want to stay up-to-date of all the developments around Charly Cares? Then read the latest stories of Charly, the Babysitting Angels and all the parents who are already using the Babysitting App!

A fun day out with Kidsproof

This month, Charly Cares has been featured on Kidsproof, the website with the most fun tips and outings for kids and the whole family! Kidsproof is one of the partners of Charly Cares. Every month, they send out a great newsletter with the best tips for each region. In total, they are active in 20 different cities, including Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, The Hague and Haarlem. This month, Charly Cares shines together with Naïf in the Kidsproof newsletter!

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How do you combine work and motherhood?

Both working moms and parents who take full care of the children are faced with the daily struggles. To keep it all balanced, you could use some extra arms! Unfortunately this is not possible, but all parents have superpower! From taking good care of the kids to the daily household; somehow you manage to succeed every parent job every single time. Mother Barbara den Hollander also endure these struggles every day; to give fellow busy parents a helping hand, she gives a few tips from her own experiences that you can put into practice immediately! Enjoy the read.

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How do you select the right babysitter for your family?

More and more families are using the help of a babysitter. We live in a time where it becomes really difficult to multitask and set the right priorities. Especially when other alternatives are not possible at the moment —such as friends and family taking care of the kid(s)— having a flexible babysitter around will be much needed. But when do you know that you have selected a good babysitter? Do you have a conversation with the potential babysitter to get to know eachother? Or is a telephone call enough? And what qualities should you pay attention to?

Keep on reading and see what father Gijs and three of our experienced Babysitting Angels have to say about this subject. You will also find five useful tips when it comes to finding the right babysitter.

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Charly Cares provides help to parents on October the 5th:

Thursday, October 5th, many teachers in primary and special education will have a national teachers' strike. This strike is about fair pay and less work pressure in primary education. Charly Cares arranged a lot of available babysitters during this teachers' strike in case busy parents have not found a babysitter yet. Therefore every parent gets € 20,- babysitting credits to arrange a babysitter via Charly Cares.

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The most fun craft tips during this autumn

It is always sad to say goodbye to the summer, but the most fun part is about to start: Fall! Mother nature is preparing herself for the winter. Which means: beautiful coloured leaves falling down the trees, chestnuts and pine cones lying everywhere on the ground for us to grab.And you can do a lot of fun things with it! Of course we have already made a list of fun fall activities you could do with the kids around the holidays. 

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Meet The Parents: Lieske Michielsen

In this weeks Meet The Parents, one of the first Charly Cares members shares her experience about the babysitting service in Amsterdam. Lieske, mother of two children, has experienced all kinds of developments within Charly Cares over the past two years. You could say Lieske grew along with the organisation itself. This, of course, produces beautiful stories. Curious about Lieske her story and how she found the right babysitter in Amsterdam? Keep on reading!

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Charly's All Star Angel

It is half past six in the evening and you are almost ready to go out with your friends. While you are still deciding of what to wear you can already hear your childeren become impatient. “Mom! Are you done already?!”

After ten long minutes you have finally found the right outfit and go downstairs to grab your bag. Not even five seconds has past and someone already rang the doorbell. Your children are going wild and rush to the door to greet someone they apparently have been waiting for. They quickly open the door and warmly welcome the guest.

Here she is: your Babysitting Angel!

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