A fun day out with Kidsproof

This month, Charly Cares has been featured on Kidsproof, the website with the most fun tips and outings for kids and the whole family! Kidsproof is one of the partners of Charly Cares. Every month, they send out a great newsletter with the best tips for each region. In total, they are active in 20 different cities, including Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, The Hague and Haarlem. This month, Charly Cares shines together with Naïf in the Kidsproof newsletter!

Sign up now for the Kidsproof newsletter!
Sign up now for the Kidsproof newsletter!

Charly Cares & Kidsproof: Newsletters

Kidsproof sends a newsletter to all parents in the cities where Charly Cares is also active: Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, The Hague and Haarlem. All new parents, looking for a babysitter and wanting to sign up for Charly Cares, will also receive an exclusive care package, courtesy of Naïf, as a welcome gift!

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Charly Cares & Kidsproof: Facebook

Would you rather keep up with all of Kidsproof’s fun activities on Facebook? Charly Cares has been spotted there as well! Check out the Facebook timeline of Kidsproof The Hague. Do you follow Charly Cares and Kidsproof yet on Facebook?

Kidsproof sneak preview: 5x fun going out tips!

1. Amsterdam: free entry at the Amsterdam Museum

Starting from January the first, all children under the age of 18 get to go the Amsterdam Museum for free. This is a fun way for all kids to get to know and discover the city of Amsterdam a bit better. You can, for example, have a look at Het Kleine Weeshuis; there, you will get a glimpse of what an orphanage looked like in the 17th century. You can also go on the Amsterdam DNA family tour for free to learn more about Amsterdam’s first inhabitants, the Golden Age, the canals and much, much more!

2. Utrecht: Glow in the park

On Saturday 20 January, you can take your kids on a magical walking tour of the wintery Gagelbos. Get your woollen socks ready, because this walk is 2.5 km long. During the track, you will see several light art installations, musical --- and theatre performances. Afterwards, you can warm up with some hot cocoa, fire pits and delicious snack with live music! Would you like to take part? Don’t forget to make a reservation in advance!

3. Rotterdam: skiing for a day at SnowWorld

For families from both Rotterdam and the Hague, a day of skiing at SnowWorld would be the perfect outing! Especially now with a special promotional deal: every two adults get to take their kid (up to an age of 12) with them for free. What a way to make an active day out even more appealing! Click here for more information.

4. Den Haag: Cool event

Until Sunday 21 January you can still attend the Cool Event in Scheveningen. An ice rink of 600 m2 will be available for everyone from Monday until Sunday (10am - 10pm). The price of Ice skating for a day is €5,- each person. If you do not have ice skates of your own, you can rent them for only €4,-!

5. Haarlem: Buurman & Buurman musical

For the real Buurman & Buurman fans, there is a fun (Dutch) musical this Sunday: A Ye To! Comedian Jelle Kuiper, director Bruun Kuijt and word artist Ivo de Wijs have managed to create a wonderfully funny piece together. The two neighbours from Czech Republic are being plagued by moles and are therefore embarking on a mole hunt together! Curious how it will end? You can book your tickets online.