Discover the art of effectively communicating with children:How2talk2kids workshop

Woman gives a workshop on communication to children to a group

At Charly Cares, we understand very well how parenthood can be an exciting adventure full of challenges. The typical dinnertime struggle, the cleaning of rooms or tucking the kids in can all be very exhausting. A little bit of extra help is often more then welcome in that case. But where to begin? We have the answer!

Woman with children - Workshop how to talk to kids

New at Charly Cares:

How2talk2kids Workshop!

In collaboration with How2talk2kids, Charly Cares has arranged for the first workshop on “How To Talk To Kids” in March. In only two hours, parents will learn to communicate with their child in a different effective way to better understand each other ♥.

Raising your kids becomes more fun ánd easier!

Parenthood is amazing. You watch your child grow and enjoy every little moment: the first smile, the first steps and – no matter how small your child is – their personality slowly starting to surface. Unfortunately, being a parent is not always easy. That, however, is what How2talk2kids would like to change with their practical communication tips. They offer practical handles to better understand your child. This way, you will create a closer bond with your child.

Children go through different phases in their lives and those phases come with different challenges. How2talk2kids knows this like no one else…

0 - 4 years

Your child goes through a huge development in the first couple of years: learning to communicate. They learn through words to express themselves and understand others. But there is a lot more to communication than learning how to speak.Learning to handle certain emotions and expressing them in an acceptable manner is also involved. Not wanting to go to bed is one of the most common problems. How will you handle this situation?

4-12 years

As your child gets older, he or she will have more and more responsibilities, such as doing homework. But what do you do when your child continuously refuses to do their homework?Most parents are familiar with this problem. Many excuses are being used to avoid doing homework: “I don’t have any homework for today”, “I forgot”, or “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Do you know what to do next?