Charly Cares loves NaïfThat the year 2018 can start very well!

Spending time together makes it feel like love is all you need. But a good balance in your work life, health and kids who feel good about themselves are also necessary. Naïf Quality Baby & Kids Care helps out with that. Their line for babies and kids consists of products featuring natural ingredients. Lovely products for your little one’s sensitive and soft cheeks!

Naïf in a nutshell

  • Lovely skincare for every skin type

  • No added nonsense! The skincare products consist solely of all-natural ingredients

  • “From babies to babes, as Naïf describes their target audience. Mothers, kids and babies can all enjoy their natural care.”

With natural, Naïf of course means all natural.

Would you believe us if we told you that Naïf products contain ingredients such as avocado, tomatoes, macadamia nuts, sweet almonds and flax seed? Crazy, isn’t it? But true! The products do not contain any mineral oils, chemical conservatives or harsh chemicals and consist solely of natural ingredients. Literally ingredients you can eat! Naïf aims for no-nonsense in their products and wants to help mothers, kids and babies shine by cleansing and caring for their skin.

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Naïf blogs about Charly Cares

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