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What was a great outlook for us two years ago, is now starting to become a success story: Charly Cares. Now our story is going to have a new chapter. Charly Cares is growing fast and we are going to speed up this process with our brand new crowdfunding campaign. Curious what our next step will be? Read more about our investment plans." - Charly

Photo: Mark Horn voor Het Financieele Dagblad.
Photo: Mark Horn voor Het Financieele Dagblad.

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Two years later, with over 30.000 paid babysitting services rendered, 8.000 parents and 5.500 amazing Babysitting Angels. We are very proud of this accomplishments and ready to take the next step.

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We want to offer all families a helping hand to book a reliable babysitter with our app. Parents in six major cities, including Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Haarlem, Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague are already able to book our Babysitting Angels. But this is by no means the whole of the Netherlands.

For further development within the Netherlands, we are looking for investors. They can help us invest via our crowdfunding campaign to open new locations in the Netherlands.

Our goal is to fund at least €300.000 via a convertible loan. With this investment, Charly Cares will accelerate her growth in the Netherlands and increase her market share by opening new locations in Eindhoven and Leiden. If the crowdfunding goes as planned, at which we raise at least €500.000, then we make the next step to go live in London!

To make this happen we need growth capital. Do you want shares in Charly Cares and help us to take our next step?

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Go to our Crowdfunding Page and help us in the further development of Charly Cares, so that more parents are able to find a reliable babysitter.

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