Do you know the benefits of a babysitter?4 benefits of having a sitter

Exciting to arrange a babysitter for your kids as a (future) mom or dad? No worries! We give you some handy tips and important benefits of having a babysitter. Discover what a sitter can mean for you and your family!

Charly Cares at the Negenmaandenbeurs

Thé event you do not want to miss as a future- or young parent: the Negenmaandenbeurs! Charly Cares will be there 21 until 25 February in the Rai Amsterdam. With a super awesome stand, the trusted Babysitting Service will meet all parents personally and inform them about the benefits of the Babysitting App and the Babysitting Angels.

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4 x tips: what a babysitter can do for you

Family and friends can often help out, but a babysitter could also mean a lot for your family. Trustworthiness and professionalism are therefore indispensable when searching for an extra helping hand.

1. Meet your new babysitter beforehand

Many (soon to be) mothers and father notice, after the birth of their daughter or son, that they have little time and space to arrange for day-care for their little one. Often this happens when there are more (older) kids in a household. During maternity leave, you can already orientate yourself and see what you feel fits your family the best. Before you know it, your maternity leave will be over and you will have to combine taking care of the kids with your job.

Parents with older kids can plan a short introductory meeting with Babysitting Angels in their neighbourhood. Ask the sitter if he or she would like to come by for a cup of coffee to get to know each other. This way, you can directly see how well your babysitter connects with your older kids.

Through the Babysitting App, you can easily find a Babysitting Angel that fits your family and meet them. If there is a click, he or she can immediately start babysitting when, for example, a little one is born or the older kids need to be picked up from school.

2. An extra helping hand in the house

As soon as the little one has arrived, the real work starts: enjoying your new parenthood, but also adapting your daily routine to your little boy or girl. Going out for a bite to eat with friends or going to the gym is not that simple anymore. And that is without even mentioning the household chores and possibly your other kids running amok and needing attention.A Babysitting Angel can mean a lot for a family after the birth of a little one, but also for parents with older children. When you need to run some errands or need a moment to yourself, you can book a babysitter to keep an eye on the kids and take care of some household chores. Think of walking the dog, doing the dishes, taking the older kids to their sports practice or hanging the laundry to dry.

3. Babysitting Angels with baby experience

Besides the fact that every babysitter comes by the office, for a screening before they get to work as a Babysitting Angel for Charly Cares, they are also asked about their extra babysitting experience. With a newborn, it is often nice to have a stable sitter who is handy with babies and has a first aid certificate. This way, you can close the door behind you, leaving even your littlest ones behind with confidence that they will be well taken care of. But what does this extra babysitting experience mean?

Extra experienced Babysitting Angels

During the screening, the babysitter is asked if he or she has received an education in or work in the childcare, primary school or healthcare sector. About 65% of our Babysitting Angels are educated in a related field, such as PABO or pedagogy. Besides that, some Angels have extra experience as a certified nanny or are in the possession of a (child) first aid certificate. You can find these babysitters in the Babysitting App by keeping an eye out for the Pro badge and the EHBO badge.

Baby experience

Is your little one only a few months old? With Charly Cares, babysitters are only allowed to babysit babies if they have sufficient baby experience. This means that an Angel has recent (babysitting) experience with babies during both day- and night-time.

We distinguish three different age categories: 0 to 6, 6 to 12 and 12 to 24 months. In the Angel’s profile, you can find with which of those categories the babysitter has experience. When nothing is visible, the babysitter has experience with kids starting at the age of 2. The babysitters with baby experience are recognisable in the Babysitting App by the baby badge.

4. A babysitter for every occasion

Most parents feel comfortable asking grandpa or grandma to babysit. In most cases, grandparents will volunteer to babysit, but what do you do when they are not available? Or live too far away to babysit their favourite grandchild?With Charly Cares, you can book a Babysitting Angel for every moment:

fixed, flexible or last minute. A fixed babysitter can be useful for when you go back to work or for a fixed night of the week when you go to the gym. But also for a spontaneous night out or a last minute work meeting, you can find a babysitter with Charly Cares!

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