The Charly Cares dream team!

A Babysitting Angel who calls in sick at the last minute? Help with creating a booking or feedback regarding one of our Angels? In this blog, we are proud to introduce you to our team. Julia, Romy & Bert do everything they can behind the scenes to support you! This dream team is at your service 24/7.

Adding babysitters to our platform. Our Angel Recruiters meet all new Babysitting Angels.

As an Angel Recruiter, Julia speaks to the best Babysitting Angels every day before they are added to our platform. During the one-on-one interview, Julia discusses the motivation, experience, and personality of the Angel-to-be.

Julia: “During the screening, I pay close attention to experience. Because I have lots of babysitting experience myself, I know precisely what to ask after during the interview. I also think it is important for a future Angel to be on time and to come across as genuine. If I can sense a babysitter's enthusiasm when they talk about their previous babysitting experience, I know they'll be a great match for Charly Cares.’’

Contacting Charly Cares? Chances are you'll speak to Romy from our Support Team.

Romy from our Support Team is here to answer your questions and find a solution where necessary. From ensuring a booking succeeds to offering a personal replacement service if a Babysitting Angel unexpectedly cancels.

“I start my day with taking care of urgent matters, such as parents who need a babysitter that very same day or high priority questions. The rest of the day, I answer questions from parents and Angels, respond to WhatsApp messages, and solve all kinds of complaints.”

“We always do our very best to try and support our users wherever we can. They always come first. It's very nice every now and then to hear from users that our help is appreciated. That's what makes my job the most fun!”

Meanwhile, behind the scenes... Our development team is working hard on our app.

And, last but not least, we would like to introduce Bert, our Head of Development. Bert is the newest addition to our team! He is responsible for development, meaning he mostly works on improving the app and making it more user-friendly.

“From a young age, I have been busy creating websites. I have always been interested in software development. This interest fits perfectly with my role as Head of Engineering at Charly Cares. There is still a lot of work to be done, but we are getting a little better every single day. I really want to create something cool together with the team!”

Meet our Angels!

Not finished reading yet? Meet our Angels too! A past Adina, for example, has been babysitting for over 9,5 years and has worked as an au pair too. And Anouk is starting her job at a daycare, but will also keep babysitting for her fixed family. Read along!