Help, babysitter wanted!

We asked one of our parents about their experience with Charly Cares. Read this guest blog written by Michelle, proud mother of Annabelle (3) and Charlie (1), who after a move suddenly ended up with a new project: ‘the search for a babysitter’.

Unknown territory

Finding a babysitter: it's a story in and of itself. Especially if you move to a new city where you've never lived before. A place where you don't know anybody and have yet to build a social life. That was the situation we found ourselves in.

“We were in unknown territory: without friends, family, or even acquaintances. What a relief it is that a platform like Charly Cares exists. Like an Angel sent from heaven!”

Babysitter of the first hour

Let's go back a bit... After the birth of our oldest, we quickly started relying on the ease of having a ‘babysitter’. In the beginning, this mostly took the form of grandparents. However, grandpa & grandma lived over an hour away from us. For spontaneous nights out, we soon ended up with some of the girls from the neighbourhood. That was close and easy. And, more importantly: the two of us were able to go out again.

Quality time wanted

After the birth of our youngest, there was again a period of time where we had to get used to the new situation. Quality time for which we needed a babysitter was still a ‘far from bed show’. We wanted to, but we were still mainly concerned with recuperating, getting used to the new family situation, and getting the household in order (which we still have not managed to do... Is it even possible at all with young children? Share your secrets, really, please!).

The (un)ease of the girl next door

Then the time came: the big move. Our new neighbours almost immediately offered up their children to babysit for us. Hey, what a relief!

But, unfortunately, the ease of a girl from the neighbourhood as a babysitter turned out not to be as true as expected. If I had a last minute appointment, or if we wanted a night out, there was always an exam period, vacation, or hockey training. We couldn't really rely on that. In addition, sometimes we would be out for a whole day, so for those times we prefer someone with lots of experience and knowledge.

'Babysitter wanted? Michelle discover the convenience of Charly Cares!'

So, doing business with Charly Cares has been a very conscious and good choice. Now we can rest assured knowing that an experienced babysitter is always there for us and that the children are safe under the wing of a screened babysitter.

Hey, that gives you as a parent some peace again...

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