The convenience of a fixed babysitter!

The convenience of a permanent babysitter at home - Charly Cares parents tell their experiences

“It takes a village to raise a child”: as soon as you have children of your own, the meaning behind this phrase becomes very clear! How great is it to have the luxury of family, friends, or neighbours who can temporarily take over the care of your child. But what if you don't always manage to make it work? Or if you cannot or do not want to regularly rely on the support of someone else? In those cases, a fixed babysitter can offer a solution!

Why a fixed babysitter?

Many families with a fixed babysitter think it is important for there to be a familiar face for the kids. For example, the Vacca family, whose own family doesn't exactly live nearby.

Family Vacca tells about experience with a permanent babysitter in the house

Family Vacca:
“Since my husband and I are busy with work during the week, we wanted someone who could be there for the kids during the days. For other families, grandparents or other family members can sometimes help out during busy times. We are from Italy and Nigeria, where our family still lives. Since we don't see our family every day due to the distance, we want the children to still have a familiar face that they can trust. It's important for use to have someone nearby that the kids know.”

What is important to keep in mind when searching for a fixed babysitter?

Once you've decided to start looking for a babysitter, certain factors become important. After all, it concerns your most precious possession: your child(ren). Trust, reliability, and safety are of the utmost importance. Plenty of attention for your children from a sweet and caring person. Every family has different requirements and preferences that play a role when finding a babysitter.

Family Tol:
“I think it's very important for the babysitter to be confident and experienced, because that makes us more confident that they will be able to take care of our children. In addition, we think it's important for them to be nice to the kids, and that they truly enjoy babysitting. You can sense that. Lastly, trust needs to grow, but the Babysitting Angel who helped us was very caring and sweet to the kids, which made it immediately feel right.”

Family Tol about looking for a nice babysitter

The first meeting

Getting a babysitter for the first time can be quite nerve-wracking. How great is it to be able to meet each other first, so that both parents and babysitter can see whether or not there is a match.

Family Tol:
“It's great that Charly Cares gives you the opportunity to shortly meet beforehand, which immediately makes the first time a lot easier.”

Family van Vliet:
During the first meeting, it's always good to discuss expectations. I think that's a good way to prevent miscommunications.”

Reliability, the family & the babysitter

A fixed babysitter adapts to your family's wishes. In every family, certain rules, norms & values apply. The fixed babysitter sort of becomes a part of your family, meaning it's great to know that they will fully adapt to your preferences when it comes to raising the children.

The van vliet family uses a permanent babysitter via Charly Cares

Family van Vliet:
"When the schools were closed, the focus for us was on help with homework. We sort of made a scrum board with all the tasks that were important to us. We also prefer to see the kids busy with their hobbies rather than stuck behind a pc or a phone. The Babysitting Angels did a great job working with these expectations.”

Family Vacca:
“Our children really see our fixed babysitter Hera as part of the family, and so do we. We don't really book any other babysitters anymore. Hera is responsible, flexible, and knows our children through and through. She comes up with the craziest activities and takes the kids outside. She has really become like family to us.”

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