Meet Support Hero Romy

Support colleague Romy of team Charly Cares

Who actually answers the phone when you call us? Chances are, it's Romy. This Support Hero has been working for Charly Cares for over 3 years. About time to introduce her to you. In this blog, she'll take you behind the scenes and tell you all about the service she provides to all our users.

​About Romy

Age: 23 years old

Studies: English

Lives in: Amsterdam

Best thing about her job: At the end the day, you've really helped people, and that feels great!

“At the start of my shift, I try to help parents who need a babysitter for that very day.”

“When I start the day, the first thing I do is check whether any urgent matters have come up during the night. For example, a babysitter that has cancelled at the last minute, or high-priority questions. I then answer all the messages and try to help parents who need a babysitter for that very day.”

“We start at 7.30, so when it's a more reasonable time, we call parents who are new or parents who have left a (negative) review. This type of personal service forms an integral part of Charly Cares. The rest of the day I speak to parents and Angels, answer WhatsApp messages, and deal with all kinds of complaints and questions. No day is ever the same.”

“Angels need less support in general, but it's still great to be able to help them”

“When I have an Angel on the phone, it's nice to be able to assist with small matters. Even if it's only giving the house number of the parent when the Angel is already on her way to a service but is having issues with her phone. We are also there for Angels for things that may be a little less pleasant. For example, we also try to lend a sympathetic ear when an Angel has had a particularly hard shift. Simply listening can already often offer great relieve to the Angel.”

“If a rating of 3 or lower comes in, contact the parent as well as the Angel”

“Firstly, I always call the parents to inquire about the rating. I listen to their story without judging, because I myself wasn't there of course. The goal is to record the feedback and pass it on to the Angel (if the parent agrees to that). I then call the Angel and listen to their story, again without judging. I also give feedback to the Angel where possible, to prevent a similar low rating in the future. It is often nice for the Angel to get advice on things that they may have never thought about before.

Finally, I make a note in both the parent's and Angel's profile, so that we can continue to monitor the situation. In the end, the goal is to have spoken to both parties and to have ended that less-pleasant booking on a more positive note.”

“The most important thing I want to tell everyone is that we truly want the best for all our users”

“We always do our very best and try to support our users wherever we can. They always come first. The moment our services start, they are our priority. It's very nice every now and then to hear from users that our help is appreciated. That's what makes my job the most fun!”

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