Behind the scenes at Charly Cares

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Who are the people behind Charly Cares? Well, a great team! We are happy to introduce them to you. In this blog, you'll meet Rachelle; she is our Head of People & Operations. What exactly that entails? She would love to tell you more...

Even Voorstellen Rachelle Team Charly Cares

Meet Rachelle

Age: 39 years old
Kids: 2 boys: Fox (5 years) & Lowe (3 years)
Lives in: Muiden
The best thing about her job: The variety, no day being the same, a great team: these are exactly the reasons why I enjoy working at Charly Cares.

“Building the organisation together with our great team makes me very happy”

''I’m responsible for the ‘human side’ of Charly Cares. Both the support and the recruitment team are my responsibility. One day is more about support, the other more about recruitment. Other days, I am mainly busy with the internal organisation. So, very diverse and varied!''

''The projects I work on are mostly related to improving our customer support and the onboarding of Angels. In addition, I am involved in establishing a foundation for Charly Cares, so that we can continue to grow as a people-oriented organisation.''

Successful booking? Check!

''If the Support Team sees a booking in the system that may be difficult to get accepted, the parent is contacted. We then ask if we can help by adding extra Angels, which increases the chances of the booking succeeding. Our Support Team always takes a proactive stance in helping parents.''

Did you know that... we can help you with personal replacement service?

Is your babysitter ill? Or did the Angel cancel at the last minute? That is of course far from ideal, but know that our Support Team does its utmost to ensure that you can still make it to your appointment.


''Working at Charly Cares is always a joy because we have such a great team. We also regularly do fun things together. With the first relaxations of the rules, we immediately took the opportunity to go boating together.''

''I also fondly look back on January/February, when the schools closed due to the lockdown. 65 companies wanted to use Charly Cares to help their employees by offering credit for booking a babysitter via our platform! It was an incredibly hectic period, but we had such a blast together as a team. Seeing that gives me so much energy and really makes me happy!''

Are you already familiar with our ​Angel Liability Insurance?

Accidents happen, even during a babysitting service. That is why it's important to us that our users are protected. They can therefore rely on our Angel Liability Insurance.

Not finished yet?

Before Angels are added to our platform, one of our Angel Recruiters will speak to them during a personal meeting. Recruiter Julia tells you in this blog how this works. Or maybe you want to read more about how Charly Cares has grown over the past 5 years?