Meet Angel Recruiter Julia

Our Angel Recruiters speak with the best Babysitting Angels daily, before they are added to our platform. During the one-on-one interview, the Angel Recruiter discussed the motivation, experience, and personality of the Angel-to-be. High time to put one of our recruiters in the spotlight. Meet Angel Recruiter Julia!

Angel Recruiter Julia (23)

Has been a recruiter since: January 2021 Has been a Babysitting Angel since: 2018 Lives in: Maarssen Studies: HBO Real Estate & Brokerage, currently graduating Spare time: Sailing, discovering the greatest cafes, loves sun, sea, and beach holidays.

You were a babysitter for Charly Cares before becoming an Angel Recruiter. What do you like about babysitting?

‘’The stories the kids have are amazing! They often have so much to tell and such great imagination. I like how they create their own story with such passion. Additionally, babysitting is never boring and there's always something to do. I also always like that, when you babysit for a fixed families, the kids are so happy to see you that they'll run towards you before you are even inside. And, because I have lots of experience babysitting, I know exactly what to ask for during the interviews’’

What do you look for during the personal introductory meeting?

‘’I think it's very important for a future Angel to be on time. In addition, it's always a plus if they already know something about Charly Cares or have heard the experiences of other Angels. I also think it's important that the babysitter is and comes across as sincere. What I mean by that the Angel knows what they are talking about.’’

‘’Because Charly Cares aims to guarantee reliability, I think it's very important that the new babysitter only babysits age groups that they have experience with. I always ask after this specific experience. When the babysitter only has experience with children aged 4 years or older, they cannot be placed with ‘newborn’ age groups.’’

How do you know if Charly Cares and the new Babysitting Angel are a match made in heaven?

‘’If it's a great babysitter, who enthusiastically talks about their previous babysitting experiences. If I can see and they can show that they have experience with babysitting, then I know it's a match with Charly Cares.’’

What do you like most about recruitment?

‘’Listening to the stories of new Angels and their babysitting experiences. I also like hearing them talk about a specific moment when they experienced something special/crazy/fun while babysitting.’’

What has been your most special or fun experience while recruiting?

‘’Recently, I had a introductory meeting with a friend of my sister, who also regularly visits our house. We had agreed on the day itself that we would have the interview around 17:30. I had sent her an email with instructions plus a link for the interview. I was then waiting in the meeting when the doorbell rings. As it turns out... she thought the meeting would be at my house, since we already know each other. I thought it was so sweet that she came all the way to my house. And we ended up having a very nice and pleasant conversation. In the end, she did get to call herself a Babysitting Angel, in part because she showed that she really wants to become an Angel for Charly Cares.’’

And, last but not least: do you have any tips for Angels for their introductory meeting?

‘’Be enthusiastic, make sure you come across as and are interested. Also be sure to be on time. It pays to be prepared ;-).’’

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