Have you met Angel Anouk yet?

Anouk is 25 years old and lives in The Hague. She is close to graduating and ready to start a job at a daycare. Anouk has been babysitting for 4 years and mainly works with fixed families. Ever since the second lockdown started, her babysitting schedule has been packed. She shares her experience with babysitting in corona time and much more. Read along!

Our first question to Anouk: What do you like about babysitting for fixed families?

“I always try to babysit for fixed families, but ever since corona that has only increased. I notice that parents like to have one fixed babysitter for their children. That brings peace of mind, as they don't have to deal with a new face every week. I too enjoy babysitting for fixed families. The children already know me and can truly feel comfortable with me, which is great. Getting to know a babysitter and feeling comfortable with them can be quite a big step for some children.”

“In these crazy times, parents try to create a routine for their children by bringing in a fixed babysitter”

“Ever since the start of the second lockdown, I have received many new babysitting requests. Since everyone works from home and the schools are closed again, it can get quite busy at home. I understand that parents want to create a sort of routine for their children by bringing in a fixed babysitter, so that there is someone around who keeps them busy and does fun things with them while the parents focus on work. I like to help parents with maintaining that routine, for example by helping with schoolwork, going outside, or doing arts and crafts. I do try to make sure that we are not being too noisy, so as not to disturb the parents.”

“I notice that small tasks such as loading the dishwasher can help parents have a moment to themselves after work”

“The biggest task as a babysitter is, of course, taking care of the children. In addition, I try to support the parents by helping out in the household as much as possible, so that can have a moment of rest when they have finished their workday. Think of, for example, loading and unloading the dishwasher, or tidying up when we have been doing some arts and crafts. I notice that these small tasks can help parents take a moment to themselves after work. And they are certainly grateful for that.”

Do the parents ever work at home while you are babysitting?

“Most parents are currently working from home when I am babysitting. It certainly took some getting used to in the beginning. Normally, parents used a babysitter particularly for those times they were not at home themselves. We both got used to it and it's going fine. We have found a good balance for who will be there for there for the children at that time. The parents also leave it up to me to choose what me and the children are going to do that day. Once their homework is done, we'll go to the playground so that the kids can get some of their energy out.”

And last but not least: when has your babysitting day really been successful?

“I think it's great to see when the children are happy when I am babysitting again. They are very enthusiastic when we do arts and crafts or go on an adventure together. Doing fun things together and seeing the kids happy makes me happy. I know that my babysitting day has truly been successful when I see that the children don't want me to leave. That means they had a great day.”

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