Meet Marloes: “I have so many great memories!”

Marloes is één van de oppassers op het oppasplatform Charly Cares

Marloes has been living in Amsterdam for 2 years, where she is currently enjoying life as a student while also working as a babysitter. Curious how she prefers to spend her babysitting services? Read her story...

“Hi, my name is Marloes and I'm turning 22 next week. I'm originally from Breda, but have been living in Amsterdam for about 2 years now. I moved here for my internship and fell in love with the city. After my internship, I enrolled in a Communications study program and I still love living here!”

“A great distraction from studyingr”

“When I moved here 2 years ago, I was looking for a part-time job. I had an internship, which was pretty intensive, and I was looking for a fun part-time job to do in addition to that. A friend of mine recommended Charly Cares. She told me: “It's perfect for you, you can just not think about anything for a bit and have fun with the kids!” That immediately appealed to me, because I also worked as a hockey trainer for kids for about 8 years. I loved that, mostly because the children were so enthusiastic and honest. I really like working with children, it's a great distraction from all the studying.”

How often do you babysit, in between the studying?

“I mostly have fixed babysitting addresses: I now have about 4 babysitting families that I visit every week. That's mostly after school, but I also sometimes babysit for the whole day. The great thing about having fixed babysitting families is that you really get to bond with the children. I love it when I pick them up from school that they immediately start running towards me!”

“My babysitting network is a lot bigger now”

“The great thing is that Charly Cares offers a large babysitting network through the app. I sometimes find myself thinking: “I was supposed to go out tonight, but I really shouldn't...”. Babysitting is the better alternative! At times like that, I'll have a look at Jobboard for a babysitting service, because requests are often also added on the day itself. Because of the app, my babysitting network has grown a lot.”

“I know that Charly Cares is always there for me”

“I also like that I'm always insured and can contact Customer Care. If, for example, something happens and the parents aren't answering their phones, I know that Charly Cares is there for me. I feel like such a situation is handled well. Lastly, I like the fact that I get to decide my own hourly rate. For example, now that it's almost my birthday, I'm thinking of raising it slightly. I gained a lot of experience over the last year and I think a small raise would be suitable.”

We're curious, what's your favourite babysitting memory?

“I have so many great memories! For example, I once baked cookies with the kids and collected all kinds of snacks, after which we went to the Vondelpark to have a picnic. We even brought hockey sticks and spend a great afternoon in the park.”

“Another great memory: one of my babysitting families owns a projector. One day, I was supposed to babysit all day because the kids had the day off. We built a hut and watched films all day on the projector. It eventually turned into a karaoke night, because the kids were big fans of Rihanna. We spent all night doing karaoke on the projector, they loved it! I have so many more great stories: about how we once went to a petting zoo, organised a high tea, etcetera, etcetera... When babysitting, I never feel like I'm at work. I always have a super fun day!”

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