Angel Iris: “To me, babysitting is the best part-time job there is”

Iris is 18 years old and lives in Naarden. Because of her gap year, she has lots of time to babysit for families near her. How does she combine her work as a babysitter with her social life, and what makes babysitting at Charly Cares such a great job to her? Keep reading...

Some introductions…

‘’Hi! I'm Iris, I'm 18 years old and I live in Naarden. After finishing secondary school, I opted to have a gap year. I play hockey and, in my free time, I like to hang out with my friends. However, I also have plenty of extra time to babysit for fun families!’’

Gap year? Extra time to babysit!

‘’I first heard about Charly Cares in October 2021, and it wasn't that much later that I started working for my first babysitting address. A friend of mine recommended Charly Cares to me, she had been babysitting for a while and was super happy with her job. Seeing as how I had so much extra time because of my gap year, it seemed like a great thing to try... And with success!’’

‘’I usually babysit between 2 and 4 times a week, but it changes week to week. During holidays, for example, I babysit more often than during school weeks, simply because there are more babysitting services available for families where the parents have work while the children are home. Sometimes lots of parents suddenly need a babysitter, and I'll babysit more often.”

“I know exactly what to expect”

‘’The great thing about babysitting is setting your own schedule. I'll make sure to arrange in the app that parents can't book me when I'm on holiday, for example. That's super convenient to me, because I'll know exactly what to expect. It does occasionally happen that I have a day off and want to meet up with friends, but receive a babysitting request. In those cases, I do sometimes decline the request. However, it also happens the other way around: if I unexpectedly have some time off, I respond to Jobboard requests looking for a last minute service. The flexible nature of the job really appeals to me.”

Bonding with the kids

‘’To me, babysitting is the best part-time job there is because I get to spend time with young children who are so creative and curious. For example, sometimes they'll want me to explain something to them. Then, the next time I come there, they'll start talking about the same thing again, I love that! It's great that you get to bond with the children you babysit often.’’

Want to babysit via Charly Cares too?

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