Working from home with a Babysitting Angel in the house

Having a babysitter around while you work from home can require quite the adjustment. While If the babysitter is there, she takes over the care of the children, but what do you do if the children need you? After all, you are at home and available to some extent, but at the same time you would rather not be disturbed. We have listed three trips to solve this conundrum, so read on now!

Before you create a booking...
Create an inviting family profile! That means adding a nice profile picture and a description of your family that is as extensive as possible. And if your babysitting service takes place while you are working from home, don't forget to mention this in the booking request. Our Angels are happy to help you, but would like to know in advance if you will also be home.

Tip #1 Divide the space

Setting some ground rules in advance about who will be where in the house can make a big difference. Try to discuss with the babysitter what a nice place for them to entertain the children would be, and where you would like to do your work. That way, the children will not be continuously reminded of you and the Angel can fulfil their babysitting tasks more easily. Flex working can be done from home, but do make sure there is plenty of space available for the kids to have fun in. Consider, for example, a cozy spot in the attic or a picnic in the garden. How great! Give the Angel space to make it a truly fun day for the kids.

Babysitter Anne discusses babysitting during corona:

“I always take into account the activities I do with the kids and the place where we play. For example, I try not to do very active and noisy activities in the room next to the working parent, or we will sometimes deliberately play somewhere out of the parent's purview.”

Tip #2 Set ground rules

Before you start working, run through the day's schedule together. For example, do you have any important meetings scheduled, and if so, when? When that time comes, the Babysitting Angel can take the kids outside or they can play on another floor or in another room. You can then alternate and prevent miscommunications. Of course, there will be times that your children really need their parents. Make sure to also schedule some time for these little moments so that the kids know where they stand. After all, no one can replace their own mom or dad, not even the best Babysitting Angels 😉.

Tip #3 Think of activities

Keeping children entertained can be quite a challenge, especially if they know that their parents are also at home. Try to give the Angel freedom regarding activities. There are plenty of activities that are relatively noiseless. Think of, for example, reading, watching a movie, or arts and crafts. When it is not raining too hard, they can always go get some fresh air by going to a playground together, or the babysitter can take the kids for a walk. Not only will the children be kept busy, they will also tire more quickly. Try to discuss with your babysitter what you need in order to be able to work from home comfortably, and what works for your kids. That way, you can keep the atmosphere at home pleasant and increase your chances of having a successful day at work!

A company babysitter?

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