5 Spring break activities

It's spring break! Child looks at the lambs in the meadow

Yes, it's time for a break! Normally, spring break is dominated by trips, carnival, or ski trips. This year, we're doing everything a bit differently, but don't worry, it's still just as fun - promise! Get inspired by our 5 spring break to do's. Bet that your (babysitting) kids won't get bored!

#1 A fancy dinner at home

Feel like spending a night in the kitchen? You could probably use some extra pairs of hands. Transform the dining room into a real restaurant together with the kids. Let the kids paint the tablecloth, for example, decorate the menus, or create beautiful placemats.

The big advantage of "eating out" at home? All the children's toys will be close by. Handy for in between courses 😉

#2 Your very own exhibition

Now that we can no longer visit any fun children's museums, let's just bring the museum to us. Have your (babysitting) kids pick a topic and let them create all kinds of crafts around that theme, with colour, clay, paint, you name it. Ultimately, the living room will be transformed into a true exhibition consisting of your own little crafts. Of course, a tour by the artist cannot be missed!

The Babysitting Angel cooks a healthy meal together with the child

#3 Build a hut

It's every child's dream: their very own hut. But building a hut is not as easy as it may seem. This time, take your time. Plan and design together. What will the hut look like, what colour, and how big will it be? Scavenge some old blankets and cardboard boxes. We cannot wait to see the end result.

Playing outside on the trampoline with the babysitter during spring break

#4 Expedition playground

Another fun to do: go on a cool playground expedition with your (babysitting) kids. Visit all the playgrounds in your area in one day. Take a trip on foot or by bike and visit as many playgrounds as possible. And, of course, all playground equipment must be tested. Take pictures of the best spots and ask the kids to rate each playground. In the end, they will have their very own top 3!

#5 Hunting for treasure

Nothing is more exciting that hunting for real treasure together! How fun would it be to put together a scavenger hunt for your (babysitting) kids and maybe even their friends? Create a map of the area around your house (Google Maps can be a great help there). Place a large red cross somewhere on the map. Have the kids decorate the treasure map and go in search of the hidden treasure together!

Tip: think of a fun theme for the scavenger hunt!

Weather not so great?

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