A gift for every parentThe Babysitter Gift Card

Meet Jamie-Lee & the boys! A young and cool family from the heart of Rotterdam who have been using Charly Cares for over 4 years. Jamie-Lee and her boyfriend Soufiane both work in PR and have two sons: Milo (6 years old) and Samy (3 years old).

They are both often very busy, so they find it important to schedule some quality time every now and then. That is why, according to Jamie-Lee, the Babysitter Gift Card is the perfect gift! We asked Jamie-Lee about her experience with Charly Cares and the Babysitter Gift Card. “As a parent, you sometimes really need to take a break, get some rest, and just hire a babysitter. I think every parent deserves that!”

How do you balance motherhood and work?

“I often work from home, so I spend a lot of time with the children. The youngest is in kindergarten until about noon, so I try to do my work in the mornings while also tidying up the house a bit. I'm always on the move.”

“It fits our young family to arrange a babysitter via the app”

Image: Karlijn Goudriaan
Image: Karlijn Goudriaan

“We don't really have grandparents who can babysit often. If we need a babysitter, we use Charly Cares. We think it's great and so easy to work with! It suits us as a young family to arrange a babysitter via an app, seeing as how we use apps for everything these days. And we also really like the user-friendliness of the app: the timer just starts running and, as soon as I stop it, the payment is automatically taken care of. The babysitter also knows where they stand.”

“What I pay attention to when looking for Angels is primarily location; I like it when the babysitter lives nearby. We have busy lives and I'm not always the best planner, so someone who is flexible or can come by at the last minute is perfect for us. When I had another baby, I mainly looked for older babysitters with baby experience, but now that the boys are a bit older, I mostly look for younger babysitters again. I've noticed that they often have experience babysitting younger brothers or sisters, which I think is great to see.”

“Milo will immediately get a game out”

“The boys love it when the babysitter comes. Milo usually gets out a game straight away these days. Soufiane and I don't always have time for those during the week, but the babysitter does. Or playing together on the Nintendo, he loves that too.”

“Because I know you screen all Angels, I feel comfortable leaving my kids behind if my boyfriend and I need to go somewhere or simply need some quality time together.”

Image: Karlijn Goudriaan
Image: Karlijn Goudriaan

Do you often plan quality time?

“We try to. It's so important to take care of yourself and your relationship. As a family, we're always on the go, with or without the children. As parents, you sometimes really do need to take a break, get some rest, and just hire a babysitter. I feel every parent deserves that! That is why the Babysitter Gift Card is such a perfect gift for parents. It gives them that extra push they need to plan some quality time or to get to know the app better. A true gift that I would certainly give to my friends, for example for the holidays.”

Who do you want to treat to a Babysitter Gift Card?

The gift for every parent: the Babysitter Gift Card. Choose the value yourself and surprise someone who you think deserves it: your friends, neighbours, relatives, whoever you want. Success guaranteed!

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