Angel Stories: Shucheesmita's time to shine

Meet Shucheesmita! She is 30 years old and lives in Eindhoven. Shucheesmita is originally from Bangladesh and has been living in the Netherlands since 2017. She has been babysitting via Charly Cares for over 2,5 years and is learning the Dutch language while babysitting. Curious? Keep reading...

First things first: who is Shucheesmita?

‘’Hi! I'm Shucheesmita and I'm 30 years old. I am currently studying cybersecurity and work part-time as a babysitter. I am also learning Dutch. I started babysitting via Charly Cares in 2019. A friend of mine told me about Charly Cares, because she knew I was looking for a reliable babysitting job. I really enjoy working for Charly Cares.’’

Have you ever experienced a language barrier while babysitting?

‘’I mostly receive requests from expat families who often speak English. I did babysit for a Dutch family the other day, but I think they'd already travelled a lot because the children spoke English quite well, so that was no problem for me. The children did speak Dutch with each other and with their parents, but I really tried to listen and improve my Dutch. I therefore don't really experience a language barrier, but it would be a lot harder if the children didn't speak English. Especially when the children are a bit older already and they truly have a will of their own.’’

What is your favourite thing about babysitting?

‘’I have loved children since I was a teenager. I love playing with children, so whenI was looking for a part-time job I immediately thought of babysitting. People around me also often tell me that I'm good with children because I'm very patient.‘’

‘’If there is one thing I really learned from babysitting is that, while you as a babysitter can really mean something for the children, they can also give you so much. I really love that! You do sometimes need some time to figure out what makes the children tick, but I really think it's a great job.’’

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