Choose how much you earn!

Decide for yourself what you earn per hour - you can if you are a babysitter at Charly Cares

At Charly Cares, each Angel gets to decide how much they earn. We want to make babysitting as fun and easy as possible, and are therefore no longer placing the restrictions on the hourly rate that used to be in place. We are also letting go of the 3% Angel fee, meaning that 100% of the babysitting earnings will end up in the Angel's bank account. We asked Angels Sabine (21), Isabelle (24), and Adina (40) about their hourly rate, their income, and what they spend their money on.

A bit of freedom

Babysitter Sabine on a bike with her two babysitters - talks about babysitting earnings
Babysitting Angel Sabine

The Angels like that they can set their own hourly rate. Isabelle explains: “You are in charge of how much you want to ask for.” Sabine says: “It gives you a little more freedom. You are never faced with unexpected surprises at the end of a babysitting service, and you don't feel any sort of tension between you and the parent, because it has all been agreed upon beforehand. There are many other companies that don't give you such freedom, which is a shame in my opinion.”

“You are in charge of how much you ask for.”

You can change your hourly rate whenever you want in the app. Adina never changes her hourly rate, but Sabine occasionally does. “I sometimes lower my rate for fixed families because I come there so often. Additionally, I often have more time to babysit during the holidays, and you notice that demand also increases during that time. I do have a look if the rate is suitable for that specific moment. My hourly rate is also lower than my day rate because babysitting during the day is more intensive.”

Fun bonus

Good to know: babysitting for Charly Cares is super flexible and can be done in whichever way suits you! For some Angels, the income is quite important, whereas others view it more as a fun little bonus. Adina: “I live in quite a nice neighbourhood in the city, which is expensive. Without the babysitting income I earn through Charly Cares, I wouldn't be able to make it off my salary as a dental assistant alone. Because I babysit, I can live where I do, and I enjoy what I do!”

Cheerful babysitter Adina from Charly Cares talks about her expenses and earnings
Babysitting Angel Adina

“It's nice to have.”

Isabelle is still in school and has no income other than Charly Cares. “The money I earn is my income, in addition to my loan. I wouldn't say I'm necessarily dependent on it, but it's still nice to have.”

Spend or save?

Babysitter Angel Isabelle talks about earning through babysitting platform Charly Cares
Babysitting Angel Isabelle

So, some great earning, yay! What do the Angels spend most of their money on?Isabelle, Adina, and Sabine all say that holidays and restaurants are at the top of that list. “Does rent in Amsterdam count too?” Sabine adds. But the Angels also like to save up. Adina: “I like to save in order to travel. I do not yet know where I'll be going, I'm going to wait for the corona rules to be repealed first.”

Sabine would also like to travel: “I saved up quite a bit the past couple of years. I was supposed to leave last August for a big trip, but due to corona that unfortunately didn't happen. I'm now mostly saving to invest in projects!"

Are you ready to earn some money?

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