How do you determine your hourly rate?Work in a way that suits you

How do you determine your hourly rate? At Charly Cares you determine your own hourly rate. But keep looking critically at this, keep day and evening rates apart and base your rate on age and experience. In the app you can also see the average hourly rate for your age in your area. That does not mean that your hourly rate should be the same as that of a peer if you have different experience.

Have you recently increased your hourly rate?

We understand that, because everything has become more expensive, you want to increase your hourly rate. We advise you to do this in small steps (for example an increase of €0.50) and based on your experience. You will receive everything you ask (as your hourly rate) on your bank account. Besides that, you can use our app completely free of charge, unlike other babysitting platforms. Win win, right?

This is the hourly rate of these Angels

You can determine your hourly rate based on your age and experience. Do you need inspiration? We have added some Angel profiles so you can see some different hourly rates and experiences.

To give you an idea of the different hourly wages, you can see average babysitting rates at Charly Cares. Does this look like your hourly rate? Or do you want to reconsider?

Tabel 1. Average babysitting rate at Charly Cares
AgeAverage day rateAverage night rate
15 years€7,50€7,-
16 years€7,50€7,50
17 years€8,-€8,-
18 years€9,-€8,-
19 years€9,50€9,-
20 years€10,-€9,-
21 years€11,-€10,50
22 years€10,-€9,50
23 years€11,-€10,-
24 years€11,-€10,50
25 years and up€12,-€11,-

Babysitting in the evening?

For you, babysitting in the evening is of course a very convenient babysitting service: in general you have a quiet evening where you can do something for yourself. You still have a responsible task, in case the children do wake up. Keep in mind that parents look carefully at an hourly rate, especially when it's for a night out and the kids are in bed. General hourly rates for the evening (from 7 pm) are between €7 and €10 per hour.

Parents often go out, for example, they go out for dinner or to a party. This is roughly what a night out costs for parents.

Parent Laura about your hourly rate

Do you want to be booked more? Our tip!

Because, more bookings = more money! Our tip: take a critical look at your hourly rate. We see in our statistics that Angels with a lower hourly rate, receive more requests. Give it a try! At Charly Cares you work in a way that suits you. You determine your hourly rate yourself, based on your age and experience, for example. In the app we also indicate what the average is for your age in your area. You can take this into account. Ready for some new bookings?