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Working from home with children a challenge?

Working from home with children can be quite challenging to your concentration and productivity. How can you make sure you can stay focused at home? We would like to help you out, which is why we have created Charly Cares Business, a service that allows you to work from home productively. With Charly Cares Business, your employer can support you with a business babysitter. This babysitter helps take care of the children so that you can stay focused on work.

  • Increase productivity

  • Good employment practices

  • Happy employees

Working from home productively with Charly Cares Business

Sounds perfect, right? A babysitter for business use, which makes working from home with children just that much easier? If you employer chooses Charly Cares Business, you can book a babysitter via your company. At what times and how often you can do so depends on the agreements you make with your employer. Sound good? Inform your employer!

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Working from home with a babysitter around

Yes, you can book a business babysitter to work from home productively. But how do you ensure the children do not still disturb you? Make clear agreements prior to the babysitting service with both the children and the babysitter. Create a schedule together with times when the children can come by and chat for a bit, because, for children, nothing beats their own parent!

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A fixed or after-school babysitter

When you work from home with (little) children around, having the help of a fixed babysitter can be great. A fixed babysitter takes care of the children for a full day every week. Do your children go to school? Then an after-school Babysitting Angel could be perfect. The babysitter picks the children up from school and helps them with their homework. Our Angels can also adapt to your routine and will even help out with light household chores such as cooking or tidying. Perfect for if you have spent the whole day hard at work.

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Safely booking a babysitter

Of course, you want to make sure you can safely book a babysitter. We have a strict corona policy in place, with rules such as, for example, no babysitting service in case of complaints. We also ask all parties to regularly check their health. In addition, you can read our tips and best practices for safely booking a babysitter in this blog, so that we can keep our babysitters, parents, and children healthy.

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Charly Cares Business for parents working from home

Is Charly Cares something for you and your colleagues? Inform your employer and, who knows, you may soon be able to book a business babysitter. Forward the brochure below to your employer.