3 solutions for the lockdown

Solution for childcare during corona: babysitter at home supports with home schooling

Schools and daycares are closed again, impacting everyone. Working and teaching from home are back in the spotlight. That means going the extra mile for every parent. No worries, Charly Cares is here to give you 3 solutions. Please note: with an adjusted corona policy in place. Discover it now!

#1 Safely book one fixed babysitter

Our Babysitting Angels are here to fully support you. They temporarily take over the care of the children, but can also help out in the household. When you book a babysitter, you of course want to know how to do so safely. In this blog, we outline some tips and best practices for safely booking a babysitter.

#2 Reimbursed by your employer

Now that the schools and daycares are closed, working productively from home can be a challenge. Know that our Angels are here to support you, even when you are working from home. The Angel can take the kids outside, play with them in another room, or try out some delicious recipes with them. And, if you employer has chosen for Charly Cares Business, you will be (partially) reimbursed!

Woman works undisturbed at home, because the babysitter takes care of the children

#3 (Online) Homeschooling

Many Angels have indicated to be available to help with homeschooling. These are often Angels with a certain educational background, such as teacher training. You can recognise these Angels by the special icon in their profile. Tip: indicate in the booking request that you would like to get some help with homeschooling and forward the lesson materials prior to the booking, so that the Angel can prepare.

Babysitter Anne tells everything about babysitting during COVID-19

Angel Anne babysits while parents work from home:

“In the beginning, it took some getting used to, because where is the line between the parents, who are also home, and you as a babysitter. I gradually found my way and try to have the children disturb the parents as little as possible. While babysitting, I try not to do any active, noisy activities, or I'll take the kids outside to get some fresh air.”

Read more about the precautions taken by our Angels

During the first intelligent lockdown, Angels Irene and Madelon took you along with them while they were preparing for a babysitting service. And in this blog Babysitting Angel Anne talks about the precautions she takes and about babysitting while parents work from home. Read on!