Babysitting amidst corona measures

A good start is half the battle

Angel Madelon has babysat regularly over the past few weeks: “Before a shift I take an extra moment to evaluate how I feel and I follow the guidelines set by the RIVM. Upon entering the babysitting family’s house I immediately wash my hands properly.” Madelon describes how she noticed that many parents struggle with finding the right balance between working from home and entertaining the kids. “By booking a Babysitting Angel parents can focus on their work while the Angel does fun activities with their children.”

Communication = key

Communication is extremely important before and during a babysitting shift, especially now. “Before a babysitting shift I discuss with the parents what their kids already know about the current situation and what activities I am able to do with them” says Angel Irene. She noticed that young kids are usually not fully aware of what is going on. That’s why she thinks it’s important to explain it to them in a light manner. This way, they will not be resistant when they can’t go outside, or when they have to wash their hands more often.

Boring to stay inside? No way!

What are some fun activities that you don’t need to leave the house for? Babysitting Angel Irene is happy to share some of her tips: ‘Drawing, play (board)games, built pillow forts, play an educative game, read books, crafting (find ideas on Pinterest), dance, and sing… and many more!’ Angel Madelon has some more fun ways to entertain kids. For example, she loves to recycle old fabrics into new clothing together, or bake cookies and pies. As opposed to what all these fun activities may imply, it’s not a holiday. Homework is still ongoing for most children, so parents are often in need of Angels who can tutor as well. In this blog we provide more info on this.

Tip from Charly

As said, parents have a need for a Babysitting Angel, especially now. However, Charly Cares prioritizes your health by all means. Apart from these measures we’re taking, we want to advise you to become a fixed babysitter for a family. This way, you limit your social circles to less families , decreasing any risks!