Help each other out

The coronavirus… It seriously affects all of our lives. For example, there are many elderly people that feel lonely during these times. Especially now that they are not allowed to receive visitors, this might prove to be a difficult time for them. But we can help them out!

Loneliness among the elderly

Babysitting Angel Irene sees many elderly people sitting by the window ‘Many elderly people approach the window when I pass it with kids I’m babysitting during our round for fresh air. They are thrilled when the kids wave to them from the streets. Today, I was walking outside with a 1.5 year old girl and we got tons of smiles from the elderly.’ Things like a phone call, a card or delivery of groceries can also make a huge difference in the current situation.

Social initiative ‘help each other out’

Korian Netherlands is a nationwide provider of elderly care that owns multiple nursing homes across The Netherlands. Most residents have a form of dementia and cannot invite visitors now due to the coronavirus. Korian came up with a fantastic initiative to help these elderly combat loneliness, and we can support them in doing so!

What can you do to help?

Korian Netherlands and Charly Cares call upon all Babysitting Angels to join forces with the kids they’re babysitting and make fun crafts, cards, and drawings for the elderly. You can send the arts and crafts to one of the residential locations of Korian. This way, together we can help the elderly feel a little less lonely. Check out Korian’s locations here. Let’s do this together!