Babysitting for parents in a vital profession

Meet Babysitting Angel Roos

“The family I currently babysit for has asked me to come by twice a week, because the mother works in the OLVG.” Roos tells us that the father of the children works for a nature organisation. He can do so from home, but cannot watch the kids at the same time. Roos is a tower of strength for the family, because she can entertain the kids during the daytime.

Keep your social circle as small as possible!

The family Roos babysits for has consciously chosen to book only her as a Babysitting Angel. Firstly because she is a familiar face to their two young girls, aged 3 and 5. Secondly, because they’d prefer to have only one babysitter come by, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible.

Babysitting with corona measures

A babysitting service currently looks quite a bit different from normal: “The difference between a regular babysitting service and a babysitting service with the corona measures is that both I as well as the family keep a very close eye on whether someone has symptoms or now. Charly Cares is very good at reminding me too right before the babysitting service. Other than that, I would usually take the kids outside, but now prefer to stay in the house or garden.”

Do you have any tips for other Angels?

“My tip for other Babysitting Angels is to be critical for the sake of your own health and that of others, and not to just take any service. Limit yourself to one family, because I think that’s the most helpful for everyone!”

And we fully agree with Roos! We are always here to help out parents in a vital profession, but your own health and safety comes first. If you accept a babysitting service, always read through our corona measures and only babysit if you feel comfortable with them. Stay safe and stay healthy, take care of each other and of others.