5 babysitting tips to help with homeschooling

These are exciting times for parents and children now the schools are closed. The children are at home all day, but the education still has to continue. Read in this blog and discover how you can help them out and have a fun time with the kids!

Tip 1: Teaching materials

The teaching materials differ per school. One child receives a stack of books and and some exercises. The other child receives online materials with the possibility to ask teachers questions. Therefore, ask the parents before the babysitting service about the materials and if the kids need extra help with something.

Tip 2: Daily planning

Just like at school, structure and regularity are really important at home. So make a daily planning together with the parent. Make a good variation between schooling and fun-time. A tip from Babysitting Angel Lonne: “It is really important not to study for 2 hours in a row. Give the kids a fun break, so they have something to look forward to. Go outside for half an hour, drink a cup of tea or talk about something fun.”

Tip 3: Playful learning

Also at home there are a lot of materials kids with which kids can learn. Go bake cookies for example. This way the little ones learn how to weigh, measure and use their motoric skills in a playful way. In the meantime you can ask questions such as “how many milliliters is 0.7 liters?” Angel Lonne als adds “Keep it fun! Not every child likes to do homework, but it makes a big difference if you approach it in a playful way.”

Tip 4: Go reading

Reading is always a good idea! Ask the child’s favourite book and sit down together. Children often love to be read by you or by an audiobook. Or does your babysitting child like to read hem/herself? Make a cozy corner with pillows or even a rug.

Tip 5: Have fun!

The most important thing is of course: make it a fun day! Play a (board) game or build a hut inside. You can also help others get through this difficult period by making a craftwork, drawing or card together with your babysitting child. Send it to someone who can use some happiness! We’ll get through this together!