A conversation with… Angel Evie

Evie is 21 years old, lives in Rotterdam, and loves children. Last year, she completed her teaching assistant training, after which she worked at a daycare for half a year. She is currently studying communication in Rotterdam, but still works at the daycare centre. Evie has lots of experience, so it's high time to get to know her better!

You work at a daycare, study, and babysit quite a lot. Why do you enjoy babysitting through Charly Cares so much?

I really like babysitting for the same family every week, because you really get to bond with the children. It's great to see how fast they're growing up and what developments they go through. By babysitting on a fixed basis, you get a fun, familiar environment, and, moreover, the families I babysit for are always great!

You babysit quite often, how do you prepare for a new fixed babysitting family?

I always like to have a call with the parents in advance to already get to know the child a little. I also always tell them something about myself, my background, and my babysitting experience. I am who I am, and I don't pretend otherwise. I really like it when there is a bond between the parents and me. Additionally, I always ask what the parents expect of me beforehand. I also check the neighbourhood the family lives in to see if it's easily accessible for me.

What does a fixed babysitting service usually look like?

That of course differs per age. I usually put the young ones in bed first, after which we'll go for a nice long walk in the park. We'll eat some sandwiches and play games. We spend all day playing together and laughing with each other. I always make sure they have a great time.

How do you ensure a great homecoming for the parents?

I always make sure the house is tidy and that I've done all the tasks that are expected of me. And, of course, ensuring the kids are happy. On the days that I babysit, I am usually quite flexible with my times, so it's never a problem if the parents come home a bit later now and then.

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