Angel Sabine cooks for the whole familyA healthy and delicious meal on the table with Hellofresh, in no time

Angel Sabine babysits regularly for a family, where she often cooks a healthy meal from Hellofresh. Excellent, the parents said: “When we get home, we’re happy hearing the kids have had a great day and on top of that our babysitter cooked us a healthy meal. This saves us plenty of valuable time.” Read more… Sabine tells you all about cooking for the whole family.

Meet Angel Sabine

“My name is Sabine (20) and I’ve been babysitting via Charly Cares for almost 3 years now. My sisters are both Babysitting Angels and in this way, I was introduced to Charly Cares. I cook quite a lot when babysitting. I like to cook a variety of dishes using different recipes, with the kids’ help of course. Besides this, the kids are as fond of cooking as I am.”

"It saves a lot of time and me as well as the parents don’t have to worry about doing groceries"

“Cooking with HelloFresh is amazing. Parents don’t need to do grocery shopping and as being a babysitter, you don’t need to go to the supermarket as well. In this way, you won’t come in situations when parents tell you ‘cook an oven dish’ and then you don’t know how to prepare that specific dish. HelloFresh explains the recipe really easy. You don’t have to think anymore (of course a little, haha), you just follow the recipe."

"Together we have prepared a super healthy meal with HelloFresh"

"Of course, kids are in love with pancakes, but they find a self-made pizza just as delicious. This time we've prepared a super healthy meal with HelloFresh; shaksuka. I've prepared this tighter with my babysitting kid and we both loved it. And the meal itself was also really nice of course.'

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We proudly announce that we are having a new collaboration with Hellofresh to take extra care of our parents. When booking an Babysit Angel, you will receive 4 x 25% discount on all Hellofresh meal boxes. Ideal right?!

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