Meet fixed Babysitting Angel Erika

Erika (25) played professional tennis until a year and a half ago, trained every day, and travelled all over the world. After she stopped playing tennis, she became a babysitter for Charly Cares, alongside her Nutrition and Dietetics studies. Due to the corona crisis, she has some extra time, because her other job is in the hospitality industry. Erika was a fixed babysitter for a family before the crisis and is now helping this family even more often!

"I have a lot of spare time, because my other job is in the hospitality industry. The first few weeks, I didn't do a lot of babysitting, because the mother is currently working from home and therefore didn't really need me. But later on, she decided she would appreciate it if I came for a couple of hours to play with the children, to take them outside or help with their homework. That way, she could focus on work or have a moment to herself. I get a lot of positive energy from babysitting, and it's also nice to have a fixed income."

"The greatest thing about fixed babysitting is that you can really bond with the children. It's also nice for them not to have a different babysitter every time, because then they wouldn't really know what to expect. Now they know that I'll be there every Monday and Tuesday. Besides, it's nice for the parents to not have to look for a babysitter each time, but to be comfortable knowing they've booked a fixed babysitter for a longer period of time."

"And of course it's great to hear that parents really appreciate you. I often get forwarded great pictures of what they've been up to, for example."

"I keep 1,5 meters distance from the parents, but I cannot do so with the children. If we go outside, we do keep our distance from other people and that's been going great. They are well aware that it's very important to do so. I also keep reminding them to wash their hands each time we've been outside, but they do this very consistently too!"

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