Babysitting via JobboardOur Angels tell you all about it

Have you heard it yet? The Jobfinder feature has been improved and is now called Jobboard. You can think of it as an old-fashioned supermarket noticeboard, where parents can pin a note if they are looking for a babysitter. We talk to 3 Babysitting Angels about their experience babysitting via Jobboard. Read on now!

Pascalle, 21 years old, lives in Utrecht

“I really like using Jobboard. It's very flexible. For example, if you unexpectedly have the day or evening off, you can immediately have a look at Jobboard to see if you can still babysit somewhere. In addition, you also get to know more families, so you will possibly get booked more often in the future.”

“I recently made my first offer for a fixed babysitting service with shifts from 9 to 5”

“Recently, I made my first offer via Jobfinder for a fixed booking request. It involved babysitting from 9 to 5 for three days a week, for four consecutive weeks total. I really enjoy looking after younger children and I have a lot of experience with that age group, so I was immediately very enthusiastic when I saw I could be babysitting for a family with two-month old twins! I must say that I underestimated it quite a bit, but the challenge also makes it more fun and I really feel like I have bonded with the twins (to the extent that you can at that age :)).”

“I get asked back after almost every booking”

“I get asked back after almost every booking that I've found via Jobboard! Sometimes it doesn't happen, but then it is often because the parents regularly book the same Angels and they were unavailable, so they were looking for someone else just for that one time...”

Babysitter Liv (20)

Liv has been babysitting through Charly Cares for two months. She was eager to start babysitting, but initially received no requests from parents. That's why, especially at the start, she used Jobboard.

“I often send the parents a message, to see if they want to meet beforehand”

“If I respond to a booking in Jobboard, I always send the parents a message. If they want to have a quick chat to get acquainted. The parents always really appreciate it, and so do I.”

“Babysitting during the day really is quite a bit harder”

“When I add myself to a booking in Jobfinder, I often have a look if it's during the day or at night. I have found that babysitting during the day, especially smaller children, is quite a bit harder. I don't mind at all, but I do want to make sure it fits into my weekly schedule.”

Babysitter Tali (17)


“Of course it's quite exciting”

“Of course, it can be quite exciting to go to the home of a family you don't know. But, after having done it a couple of times, I thought ‘I'm genuinely good and the kids like me quickly’. I gained confidence and now I actually enjoy getting to know a new family.”

“I prefer to meet face to face”

“Sometimes I have brief contact with the parents via the chat in the app. ‘Would you like to join us for dinner?’ or ‘Great that you're able to come’, for example. But actually I always come by 10 minutes earlier, to meet the parents and children. And for a tour of the house, so that I know where to find everything.”

Personal meeting

Babysitting via Jobboard can be quite exciting for both parties. That is why we personally meet each Babysitting Angel, to make sure that only the best babysitters make it onto our platform. Read more about what our interview looks like.