Make your home baby- & kid-proof

Did you know that 140.000 children end up in the Emergency Room every year due to an accident? Many of these accidents happen in or around the house. That is why we give you 5 tips* to make your home as safe and kid-proof as possible. After all, a child-friendly home is essential for every family.

#1 Children love sweets

Medicine may sometimes look like sweets, which is exactly what children love. Make sure to store your medicine in a high place or behind lock and key. The same goes for cleaning products, shampoo, and vitamines. Additionally, a child-safe cap on household products does not mean that your child won't be able to open it, just that it may take a little longer. A 2-year old may already be able to open such a cap.

#2 Be careful around water

A small child can drown in 2 centimeters of water. Small children do not yet have the strength and coordination to lift their head once their mouth and nose are submerged, so make sure that your child cannot access water and always stay with them when they take a bath. In addition, keep all the things you may need within reach, so that you can always stay close to your bathing baby and don't have to leave to grab something.

#3 Make the food kid-proof

Cut soft, compressible foods into quarters; especially cherry tomatoes, hotdogs, grapes, and other compressible foods can be choking hazards. Never leave your child alone when he or she is eating, because you won't always hear it when a child chokes. Another tip: by eating while sitting down you can prevent choking.

Make your stairs child-friendly

It may seem obvious, but it's oh so important: place a stair gate both at the top as well as at the bottom of the stairs. Check whether the gate meets important safety requirements and make sure it is high enough (75 cm). Did you know that a stair gate is suitable for children up to 2 years old? Older children can quickly figure out how to open the stair gate. Also make sure you have slip-resistant material covering the steps and don't leave anything lying around on the stairs.

Last but not least: view your house through the eyes of a child

Take a tour of your own house and keep an eye out for low sockets, loose cables, or table cloths a child may use to pull themselves up. Have you spotted them all? One other handy fact: some plants are poisonous, so check carefully which (poisonous) plants you have around your house. Children will really put anything into their mouth.

Want to know how to act in case something happens?

With these tips, you will be aware of how you can prevent the most common accidents involving children. Want to learn what to do in case you actually have to deal with these types of accidents? Book a children First Aid workshop now. When you book through Charly Cares, you will also receive a nice discount.

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*These tips have been developed in collaboration with EHBO Bureau.