App update: behind the scenes at Charly Cares

Ready for a look behind the scenes at Charly Cares? A lot is currently happening to help parents and Babysitting Angels even better. Talking about the changes: Bart, Head of Growth at Charly Cares.

Talk to us! What is happening behind the scenes?

Our goal is to match parents and Angels as well as possible. In order to do so properly, we are continuously improving our product, including the app. We are therefore constantly mapping out how parents and Angels experience our app and service, and we also look at our own data. We occasionally invite Angels to the office to think with us about the app; those are some interesting insights for us. We also hear from our Customer Care team, for example, what parents and Angels think. We incorporate all of those insights into our plans and see what we can do with them.

What are you working on at the moment?

We are rebuilding and optimizing a lot behind the scenes. This may not be immediately visible to our users, but it is extremely important and also requires a lot of time. In addition, we have a major new feature planned for each quarter this coming year, in which we will also invest a lot of time. At the moment, this is the reduction in the duration of a request (from parents) or an offer (from Angels via Jobboard).

Reducing the duration... What exactly does that mean?

We discovered that there was a lack of clarity regarding the duration of a request or offer, both among parents as well as among Angels. Parents have to wait for an answer from the Angels they invited and Angels have to wait for an answer from the parents if they have made an offer via Jobboard. We want to give both parents as well as Angels clarity as quickly as possible when they make a request or offer, bu we also want to match users as well as possible. That is why we have shortened the response time to 6 hours, excluding the night (23:00-07:00). Fair and easy, for both parties!

How do you handle such changes?

The whole team is actually involved. We often start with a small group, with which we start an experiment. Is the initial experiment a success? Then we'll go big, meaning the new feature will become available to everyone. At that point we will also inform all our users of the change. From the Marketing team to the Customer Care team, from the data analyst to our developers; in the end, everyone plays an important role in realizing a new feature. Teamwork!

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