Angel Rosalie: “I love it when the kids come to me for advice”

Hi everyone! My name is Rosalie, I am 24 years old, and I moved to Amsterdam 5 years ago. I am currently working on my thesis for my Master International Relations at Leiden University. In my spare time, I like to salsa dance, read, go out with friends, and I like to travel. I've lived in France and Portugal, for example, where I learned the language and discovered the culture in combination with a program for my studies.

“Babysitting is a great passion!”

But, of course, babysitting is also a great passion of mine! I originally come from a village near Haarlem, where I had been babysitting children in the neighbourhood since I was 10. I came to Charly Cares through a friend about 2 years ago. She was very enthusiastic about what the app had to offer and about the contact she had with both the parents and Charly Cares. I am just as enthusiastic about it myself and the added value of babysitting via a platform.

From babies to teenagers

Babysitting is my favourite part-time job because it just makes me really happy. When I pick the kids up from school and they run to me because they're happy I'm there; I love that! There is a lot of variety because every child is different, in terms of age and personality. Sometimes, I babysit a 2-month-old baby, while other times I babysit children who are 16 years old; those are, of course, very different babysitting services. What I enjoy most is doing something creative, such as crafts or baking cookies, or going outside. Playgrounds are always a great idea!

“They really see me as a friend or big sister”

Lately I find it extra fun to babysit girls who are in group 7 or 8. I've noticed that they really see me as a friend or a big sister. I really like that supporting rol that I have! That way, I can stimulate them and they can really talk to me about things they feel they need to talk about. For example, they'll sometimes ask me for advice about fights with friends, how to resolve them. Another girl had a school dance recently and she asked me for advice on whether she should approach a boy. I love it that they come to me for advice!

Changing between Dutch and French

Because I also speak French, I'll sometimes get special requests. I am, for example, currently babysitting for a French-Dutch family, where the mother has asked me to switch between French and Dutch because the children are learning both languages. Sometimes, they'll also want me to speak as much Dutch to the children as possible, because they go to a Dutch-speaking childcare facility and have to learn the language. They don't always feel like doing so, haha!

“You're my friend, right?”

The input of the parents is of course also very important, so that they know what they have in me as a babysitter. But, conversely, I always like it when the parents help to think of activities, for example if I spend long days or several days in a row with a family during holiday periods. Parents will often reserve tickets for a museum like Nemo, or let me know if they know of fun activities in the area. That's great, because, with the long days, it can sometimes be a challenge. But then, when, like during my last babysitting shift, the kids come up to me and ask: ‘You're my friends, right?’ I melt. That's why you do what you do!

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